Robin Borakove, “Angels Among Us"

Robin Borakove, “Angels Among Us"

For over 40 years, living with the challenges of being different and not knowing why, Robin Borakove was properly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and her new life began.

Benefitting from successful treatment, Robin is devoting herself to enhancing the lives of other children. Now a Children’s Author of multiple books, Editor of “The Heart of Autism” blog, Creator of the charity, (ASDS) Autism Spectrum Disorder Supports, Philanthropist , Inspirational Speaker, Founder and CEO of FlutterVision Productions,  and beloved Children’s Entertainer, “Fairy Queen Flutterby,  Robin Borakove is beginning to accomplish all her dreams.

As a child, her life was continually challenging. Exhibiting symptoms of Schizophrenia, ADHD and a phethora of ongoing issues, she was administered multiple medications, none of which offered long term success.  Through years of sleepless nights, misdiagnoses and sensory overload issues, she was often misunderstood, and among many unhappy childhood experiences, social anxiety, depression and given hurtful nicknames.  Fortunately her fearless optimism provided her the ability to communicate through writing and performing.

In 2013, Robin started Neurofeedback treatments with Dr. Nicholas Dogris of Bishop, California. These treatments changed her life forever.  Now possessing the ability to communicate professionally, her triumph led her to where she is today. Robin chronicles the extraordinary experience through her documentary, My Metamorphosis: A Journey to Neurofeedback and pEMF.

Robin is a triumphant example of the power of positive attitude. The support of her family, doctor and her unrelenting quest to help others illuminates her spirit and shines brightly so others may have a lighted path.

Her ongoing goal is to raise awareness that Asperger’s Syndrome and utilize her storytelling performances to teach children the important lessons of feeling happy and confident.  She is currently raising funds to open a research and treatment center for people with autism of all ages and continues to help thousands of children nationwide.

For these reasons and many others, we recognize Robin Borakove as an “Angel Among Us”.

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to find out more about Robin Borakove. View her  “Metamorphosis” trailer below.


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