Paramount Home Entertainment has launched their #SummerofSpongeBob with printable and other fun items being released daily for a month. These activities will keep your kids busy while they are not in school. With new crafts and games each day, kids have something new and fun to look forward to during these first days of summer.

Fun and Therapeutic Water Play in Your Own Backyard or Neighborhood Pool

Who wants to jump into a cool pool on a hot summer day? Your child does!

Yoga for People with Disabilities

Imagine a calm room with zen music streaming from the speakers, and an instructor directs the people in the room to place their hands on the floor and their buttocks in the air.  You might recognize the pose as the downward dog, but it might take a moment to realize it’s not your typical adult yoga class.  Yoga instruction for children and adults with disabilities is increasingly in popularity.

April Showers

The children’s verse “April Showers bring May flowers” sets the theme for this month’s fun ideas.  For many families spring does bring unpredictable weather with some warm days and some cold days, rain and sometimes snow.  When it is too cold to go outside kids can make a rainbow with spray bottles or bend water with a balloon. When the weather is warm outside they can set up a sprinkler obstacle course that will water the yard and provide a lot of fun.

Ten Tips for Playdate Inclusion Among Kids of All Abilities

Playdates are beneficial for ALL children to practice critical social skills on which future relationships will be built.  The benefits of playdates include: increasing confidence; improving social decision making; and practicing skills in an adult supervised yet natural setting.  Playing together allows kids to be a part of the action vs.

Robin Borakove, “Angels Among Us"

For over 40 years, living with the challenges of being different and not knowing why, Robin Borakove was properly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and her new life began.

Play is Therapy and Therapy is Play

Play is a cornerstone of development for all children. Consider the cognitive engagement when children are working on a puzzle, or the motor skills and coordination involved in playing catch with a ball, or the socialization skills required in playing a game. Through play, children expand skill sets related to:


  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Expression
  • Creativity
  • Socialization
  • Fine/Gross Motor Skills
Routine - Change Can Be Good

Everyone looks forward to vacation, right? Well, when it’s an actual vacation from the daily grind, maybe!

ABK - Applied Behavioral Karate

Applied Behavioral Karate is not a technical term, but it is real and it does work.

How Play Helps Your Child’s Brain, Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed the vital role play has in helping quiet the reptilian brain so your child with dyslexia can learn. Now we’ll take a look at the emotional brain and the thinking brain.


The Limbic System or Emotional Brain