Music, Art, and Movement

Ice Hockey Meets Special Needs

Since it began five years ago, the Special Needs Ice Hockey program in Panorama City, California, has provided an opportunity for kids and adults with developmental disabilities to learn and play hockey. Until just six months ago, it was the only program in California to give kids with autism, intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities a chance to gear up, get on the ice and play hockey. They are still the only special needs ice hockey team in the state"the California Condors.

Helping Child with Special Needs Through Yoga

My son, Miguelangel, is 3 months old. He has Down syndrome and was born prematurely. I started him on a daily yoga practice when he was a month old, and I am pleased with the results.

Many families with special children are embracing alternative therapies, including yoga, to complement conventional approaches.

Emotion, Community...MIRACLE!

Developmental delays, communication difficulties and/or motor planning and sensory processing challenges can impede a child’s ability to express himself. Traditional therapies focus on helping the child to overcome these deficits. We may, however, become so bogged down in these necessary therapies, that we overlook the importance of enlivening the spirit in a child.