Marriage and Family Life

The Journey of the Parent with a Special Needs Child

I think it’s time we acknowledge the internal emotional experience of a parent of a child with special needs.  This is a journey, and there are times when you will feel traumatized or in disbelief with your experience, and times when you wish it would ‘all go away.’  As professionals, we spend a great deal of time providing information about ‘how to’ or ‘how to not’ and instead, I’d like to focus on validating your feelings and thoughts.

Battle to Autism Diagnosis

Recently, within a few days, two of my friends confided in me that they are starting to think one of their kids (two different families) may be on the Autism Spectrum, and then they asked how I knew my son had Autism. I’ll admit that my ex-husband (we were married at the time) was the one who brought it to my attention when the kids were 18months old. I was surprised.

Show Me the Money and Failure to Thrive

Obama’s healthcare debate filled the radio airwaves the weeks before daughter was born.  I would drive to doctor’s appointments, hoping that Mr. Obama’s reforms would go through and amazed at history in the making.  I could not fathom paying for every little part of the healthcare we receive -- we simply cannot afford it.  This became especially apparent after the birth of my daughter, Little Miss Adorable.

Mindfulness Awareness-Avoidance

The other day there was a knock at my door.

Tossing Your Child's Room: Part One

Pretty much all children hide things from their parents.  I think that’s a given, and children with Reactive Attachment Disorder are certainly not excluded from that group.  Their need to control the situation as if their life depends on it (because in their mind it does!) makes them masters of deception, and some of these children can find hiding spots that we parents would never think of

Military Wife and Mother: A New Home

Being a wife and mother will always be a big challenge, but more when you're a military wife. When I met my husband, I always knew his aspirations to enter the military and serve his country.  For it was always his dream, and have someone to support him 100%, was feeling fulfilled. Now our major goal is to give the best to each of our children, and especially Xaymara.

When the Chips are Down, Say "Thank You"

Cayden was referred to “The Queen Alexandra Hospital for Children’s Health (QA) before he hit his 3 month mark.  Already, my little man was exhibiting difficulties meeting milestones; he was not responding to faces, auditory or visual stimuli and he had no head control whatsoever. It was also discovered that he had Gastro Esophageal Reflux on a grand scale -- think regurgitating his milk upwards of 25 times per day.

I Need Her

It is 2:00 am when the cell phone vibrates under my pillow reminding me to get up. In a swift motion I swing my legs around and glide out of bed, barely moving the covers. My husband sleeps soundly and so does my one-week-old baby, Nichole, who sleeps propped up in her car seat in our room. I pause at the door and stare at her small shadow. Slowly I turn and exit the room, closing the bedroom door behind me. It is time.

Home is Where the Heart Is: Take 5 (or More)

Everyone’s in the midst of planning summer vacations, signing up for camps and stocking up on popsicles and sunscreen. 

May I make a recommendation?  Take a break, maybe even a big break, from therapy at some point this summer.