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Angry and Frustrated with Your ADHD Spouse?

If you are angry, frustrated, or just plain feeling hopeless about your relationship with your ADHD partner, you would not be alone.  Many couples get married not realizing that one or both of them has ADHD.  The undiagnosed symptoms encourage very specific, and often very destructive, patterns in their relationship.  These patterns can lead to intense anger and frustration.  It’s not that it’s the “fault” of the person with the ADHD -- both spouses contribute to the degradation of their rel

After the Diagnosis:  Who to Tell and What to Say

Parents respond in different ways to a child’s special needs diagnosis.  Some parents are devastated by the news.  Many are relieved to have their suspicions confirmed.  Some need time to think before taking action, while others want to do something immediately.  But deep down, all of them are pondering two basic questions.

Who do I tell?

Protecting a Special Marriage

In the world of special needs, there is a great amount of statistics flying around, and one of the most shocking numbers is that an estimated 80-90 percent of marriages involving special needs children end in divorce.  Rachel Bernstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist from California, gives parents of special needs kids some advice to avoid becoming a part of this statistic.

Aligning the Mis-aligned

Aligning The Mis-aligned…Understanding your Parenting Style and Aligning yourself as Parents

Every person enters into the ever so bumpy journey of parenthood with an idea of what it will be like based on childhood experiences and presently held values.  When you take that idea and multiply it by two, you can end up with either alignment or misalignment. That alignment is also known as the co-parenting alliance. That misalignment can be downright ugly!

The Magic Number 8

When it comes to RAD, 8 seems to be our “magic number.”  My daughter was 8 years old when she was diagnosed.  It took 8 years before I could honestly say she seems to be healing.  We’ve gone through 8 therapists.  But most taxing of all, we’ve survived 8 CPS investigations.

Turning the Wheel

The meeting of the Literary Society was just about to get underway when the young man sitting next to me stood up and socked me in the face.  The impact knocked my glasses across my nose and stung my cheek.  He finished pulling off his jacket and sat back down next to me. I rearranged my glasses on the bridge of my nose and thought, Aha!

Flying with Special Needs Children

There is no reason to avoid airports and traveling because you have a child with special needs.  Yes, special measures and extra planning need to be done, but with the right organization and a good attitude, flying with your special needs child can be manageable.

Let Them Know -- Informing Security Guards and Flight Attendants

Rescue Less: Empowering Kids

RESCUE LESS……empowering kiddos with special needs

How deep the pain and guilt must be when a parent cannot say no to their son or daughter with special needs.  How overwhelmed they must feel each day to allow their son or daughter to dictate how life will be lived.  How isolated and unsupportive they have to feel to allow their child such control instead of allowing him to develop respect for rules, boundaries, and others’ thoughts and feelings.

Stress-Free Road Trips

Planning Stress-Free Road Trips with Children with Special Needs

Everyone loves vacations and going to new places, but the journey to get there can be a hard and long one.  This idea is especially true when traveling with a special needs child.  Here are some helpful hints to make your family’s next road trip a little smoother.

A Parent's Love Grows Toward Separation

How weird! How can love as strong as parental (or grandparent) love grow toward separation? Two weeks ago my wife and I spent a portion of Spring Break with our grandson. He is in his first real job out of college. We are particularly close to him as he grew up in a single parent home and we co-parented with our daughter.  During our visit he described stress in his new job. We both listened, and since he asked for no advice, we kept our mouths shut. What a waste of knowledge -- there was so much knowledge available for transfer.