Marriage and Family Life

Protecting Marriage When Your Child Has ASD

For years, parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have mistakenly passed along the erroneous statistic that 80% of marriages of such parents will end in divorce. This myth also has been perpetuated by professionals and the media. As described in a recent large scale research study by Hartley and her colleagues (2010), there is a relatively higher rate of divorce when compared to families with typical children; however, the majority of marriages remain intact. Certainly, there is more to strive for in a marriage than simply not getting divorced.

God Therapy for Autism

Why me, God?!!”  I screamed tearfully after BOTH of my two sons were diagnosed with autism. That was 100% of my children! I had considered myself a good, Christian person who tried to help others and obey the Scriptures. The irony of this whole situation was that many, many years ago in the 70's, I had volunteered to work with autistic children while attending college.  I lasted all of 15 minutes before I dropped out.  It was more than I could handle.  (Okay, God, you do have a sense of humor, but why do you have to prove it with me??!)

Life Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

Most days lately I have begun to wonder if my life is actually real or am I part of some sort of made-for-television movie game. The last seven years have been interesting to say the least. My middle child, now seven, has accumulated initials after his name. We’re not talking about initials that most of us earn through fancy degrees or certifications. These initials are given to you by medical professionals. I’d love to say that at seven years old he has now earned the infamous "MD" initials, but sadly that’s not the case. 

Parents as Equal Partners at the IEP Table

As a private consultant I have the pleasure of supporting families as they work to become knowledgeable members of their son’s or daughter’s IEP team. They are often anxious weeks before the scheduled date, worrying if their student will receive the supports and services they need or if they are going to lose a service that has been helping. They worry about their struggles in understanding what the assessments mean and they become anxious over whether or not goals will be written in the areas of need.

One Family’s Journey with Autism

Altering Our Perspective: One Family's Journey with Autism

 He came to us on a Tuesday, slowly and painfully easing his way into the world just after the new year. When the doctor placed Benjamin on my belly I felt that we had finally done it … after several miscarriages and several visits to the fertility specialist, we finally had our baby. I felt lighter, could breathe more easily, and for a moment, believed that all was right with the world.

Successful Transitions: Parenting Strategies

This is our fourth article our Transition series. The last three articles discussed what transition is and why it matters.

NLP for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

Parents of a special needs child also have special needs. They need more flexibility to deal with the unknown and adapt to situations that are often completely different from what they expected, more time and money to take care of their child, more patience and understanding.

The Meaningful Life for a Child with Autism

There are approximately one million people living with autism in the United States today. By the year 2050, it is predicted that this number will increase fivefold, with 1.7 million of these people being adults. In her book, Autism Solutions: How to Create a Healthy and Meaningful Life for Your Child, autism expert READ MORE

Autism: A Different Way of Being

"I don’t want a boy like that in my class," writes Ms. Linden upon hearing that she is to be my son Neal’s teacher.  A boy like that!  My mind goes to lyrics from West Side Story, "A boy like that " he kill your brother... forget that boy, and find another…"

Keeping Hope Alive When a Child Has Special Needs

Keeping Hope Alive When Your Child Has Special Needs

 I pull into the carpool lane to pick my kids up from school and am yet again touched by the sight of a service dog with a bright pink lunch pail hanging from her mouth as she trots alongside a young girl in a wheelchair.