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New Transitional Living Program for Young Adults with Special Needs

Parents of teens and young adults with special needs are always concerned about their transition into adulthood. They constantly ask themselves, “What happens next?”

Live. Advance. LA. provides that much needed support that facilitates a greater level of independence for each  individual based on their needs.

Dear Parents, Dear Teachers: How to bridge the communication gap

 I am a parent of two children with special needs, and a special education teacher.  I have been working in the field of special needs for 15 years, and currently teach teachers about special education.  One of the keystones of special education is communication, I hope this article helps you - parent or teacher - communicate effectively during the coming school year.

Memory and Learning

What is memory?

Can a Standard Classroom Meet the Needs of the Gifted?

It is widely known that gifted students have special needs, yet few schools provide daily programs designed to meet these needs. While many schools have what they refer to as a “gifted program,” this program usually only consists of a weekly, pull-out class. Thus, the vast majority of a gifted child’s school experience occurs within the walls of a “normal” classroom. This begs the question -- can a standard classroom meet the needs of gifted children?

New York City Officials Approve Special Needs Classroom Inclusion Plan

Despite parent protests, New York City education officials approved a plan to move special needs students into mainstream classrooms.  Mayor Bloomberg’s Panel for Education Policy voted for this inclusion plan, and many critics are saying that children with special needs will not get the education and care they need.

Challenges in Math Education

It is a sad fact that students in the United States are falling behind in the study of mathematics. "Everybody Counts: A Report to the Nation on the Future of Mathematics Education" from The National Research Council found that only half of the nation's students take more than two years of high school level mathematics.

Special Needs in Education

Everyone learns at his own pace, but some children require a little extra push or have special needs in education.  Special ed, the common lingo for special education, refers to alternative education programs that teach children with academic, behavioral, social, health, or physical needs that extend beyond what can be offered in a typical classroom.

Special Needs of Gifted Children

If you’re the parent of a gifted child, then you probably feel very proud of your child and his academic accomplishments -- and rightfully so! Gifted children have so much to offer, and a great deal of potential. Teachers often regard them favorably, and parents beam with pride as they watch their child excel in many different academic subjects.

Bullying from Teachers -- Father Reveals Audio Evidence

Watch the following YouTube video from Stuart Chaifetz, father of a boy with autism, and you will be shocked, horrified, and even get angry.  And you should.

Low-Income Students More Likely Placed in Special Ed

According to a study commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, children from low-income families are almost twice as likely to be placed in special education than other students.