Wanted:  A Place of My Own

Living Innovations pioneers a new residential model:  Shared Living

Transitioning for Young Adults with Special Needs

Transitioning to independence during young adulthood is a pivotal and challenging time for everyone. For young adults with special needs, these periods can particularly difficult. People with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities, may have social and communicative deficits which will impair their ability to advocate for themselves.

Where Does the Choice Come From?

I was helping Ben today with his shopping list, which he mostly manages himself, but today he asked me when I arrived at his house;

‘Have you worked out what we are cooking today yet?’ 

How I Turned Asperger's Quirks into Career Success

I’ve written for 200 newspapers, Time magazine, and Business Week. I have published a bestselling book on career advice but I have never written for a special needs audience.

Successful Transitions: Focusing on Medical Tasks

We have been blogging for several weeks about how to increase the odds of raising children with special medical needs who are responsible, confident, and independent in all areas of life including around self-care issues. Now let's look briefly at the subject of shifting the responsibility of medical tasks.

Knowledge of Disease, Medical Requirements, and Medical Tasks 

New Possibilities for Children on the Autism Spectrum

I’ll never forget the first time a child on the Autism Spectrum showed up in my office, over twenty years ago. Chase was three years old. He did not speak, did not respond to language. He did not even respond to his name. Nothing seemed to grab his attention, not even music. He roamed about without any apparent intent. Chase had no diagnosis at the time. For his doctors and parents he was a mystery.

College and Jobs for People with Autism

The stigma surrounding autism suggests that individuals with autism are dumb or incapable of learning and work, but this picture is not very accurate.

Successful Transitions: Harnessing the Power of Example

One of the easiest ways to help children learn responsibility, make good choices about their bodies, and pave the way to a successful transition/transfer is using the power of example.  Kids learn far more from the examples we set than from the words and lectures we give them.

Transitions: Hope Through Encouragement

Successful Transitions: Building Hope and Resilience with Encouragement

For Teens in Transition, an Opportunity

For Teens in Transition, an Opportunity to Achieve