What Happens Next?

Preparing Your Child for the Future

10 Things 14-Year-Olds Can Do to Transition

Ten Things That 14 Year Olds Can Do To Start Preparing For a Successful Transition to Adulthood

1. Get a Jump start on Your Career Path -- Explore!

Get a Life: Take Charge of Your Future

I see it in their faces…parents of teens with disabilities trying to imagine what kind of future their son or daughter is heading towards. Often it is a look of fear and one of exhaustion.  Just when other parents are excitedly getting their children ready for college and to launch into adult life, we are scrambling to find out what kind of services our children are eligible for when they age out of the school system.

Transition: When Kids Make Mistakes

One of the big challenges that we face as parents of children with special medical needs is dealing with the extra stress and frustration that comes with the territory. When our kids make mistakes, especially around their medical care, it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of nagging, lecturing, yelling or punishing. Brain research shows that these are not effective responses. Think about it. How would you feel if you made a mistake at work and your boss yelled at you?

Transitions: Raising Wise Children

Successful Transitions: How Do You Raise Wise Children?

All parents want to raise wise kids. But where does wisdom really come from?

Successful Transitions:  Start Early

Successful Transitions: Start Early, Little by Little

When Your Child Grows Up & Out of Special Ed
It is all well and good to be told, as a parent, you must be ready for when your child with a developmental disability is no longer in special ed full time.  Yet, to me that time crept up in 2000. When my son with autism, now 31, was out of school I thought it would all be very easy. I was optimistic, sure that a local developmental disability related nonprofit (NPO) would agree to work with him since he had been at work sites starting at 14 by his school. I was unrealistic.
Successful Transitions: Teachable Moments

Last time we talked about making sure a child has enough information to make good choices and learn responsibility. This week we will focus on taking advantage of teachable moments with your child.

Roses for Autism

Millions of people are scrambling to order flowers for their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day. This year Roses for Autism is one special flower business that stands out among all the others. Started in 2009 by Jim Lyman, a man with experience in the agricultural industry, Roses for Autism is the first endeavor for Growing Possibilities, a nonprofit founded by Ability Beyond Disability. Their goal is to encourage independence in the business world for people with autism and other disabilities.