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What My Degree Taught Me about Autism

In pursuit of a degree you learn many things, some useful, some not so useful. While in pursuit of my degree I learned a great deal about Autism. Autism is a complex developmental disability that is often misunderstood. There are so many misunderstandings and myths out there about Autism that I would like to share with you what my degree taught me about Autism.

Building Baby's Confidence Through Sign Language

When children at an early age experience disappointment in communicating over and over again it significantly affects their confidence. We learn through patterns and repetition. When a child can’t effectively engage in either, it becomes frustrating for the child and the parent. The consequences usually end in the child avoiding social interaction, throwing tantrums, and losing self-confidence.

The Elephant In The Pool

My husband and I and our four kids went to the pool on Saturday.  I love going to the pool with the kids. They use Lance and me as jungle gyms. It helps me to confront my hatred of being touched.  You know, because I'm ALL about confronting things I hate.  But walking around anywhere for us is like walking around with two elephants in tow. Everyone sees them, but no one really wants to talk about them.

Can Schools Hold back America's Brightest?

A Call to Action - The Templeton National Report on Acceleration

7 Strategies Every Parent Can Use to Meet the Needs of their Gifted Child

Having a gifted child can be frustrating and gratifying in equal measures. Gifted children are often a joy to their parents -- bringing home stellar report cards, talking precociously and enthusiastically about a variety of subjects, and receiving loads of praise and recognition from their teachers and other adults. These are the scenarios that often come to mind when one pictures life with a gifted child.

10 Tips for Parents of Gifted Students

Has your child been identified as a gifted student? If so, chances are, you sometimes feel desperate for advice on how to navigate this journey with your son or daughter. While your friends may look on with awe at your child’s achievements and think you have it made, you know the difficulties associated with raising a gifted child. Being a parent of a gifted student comes with its own set of challenges and trials, and it's important to be ready to meet these challenges head on.

Easing the Transition Back to School for Special Needs Children

Due to their unpredictable nature, transitions in general, can be very difficult for our children with special needs. The new school year creates a whole host of transitions that made me want to devote this month’s column to tips for helping your child make a smooth entrance into school.

New Transitional Living Program for Young Adults with Special Needs

Parents of teens and young adults with special needs are always concerned about their transition into adulthood. They constantly ask themselves, “What happens next?”

Live. Advance. LA. provides that much needed support that facilitates a greater level of independence for each  individual based on their needs.

My Asperger Mind - On Friendship

I understand and embrace that I have Asperger’s and my mind works differently. All I really want are a few good friends and to feel like I'm a part of someone's life. Just to feel special I guess.


I've been thinking a lot about what happens to me with friendships. People always say there are different levels of friendship. And I understand that there are. But my mind is like an on and off switch. My issue is that my brain is either emotionally turned off or emotionally turned fully on - there are no in-between stages.


 Anger, Self-Destructive Tendencies, Depression, and Learning Disorders

When anger is not expressed, it may turn inward and morph into self-destruction or depression. Children’s frustration and anger need an external outlet, and they may internalize these emotions when teachers, parents, and other adults belittle or punish them for self-expression. All this “stifling,” if you will, of their frustrations makes them feel they have nowhere to turn, and then bullying and violence can erupt suddenly . . . from any child.

Special Olympics World Games
Los Angeles 2015

Circle of Inclusion

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