Children and Parents

The Journey of the Parent with a Special Needs Child

I think it’s time we acknowledge the internal emotional experience of a parent of a child with special needs.  This is a journey, and there are times when you will feel traumatized or in disbelief with your experience, and times when you wish it would ‘all go away.’  As professionals, we spend a great deal of time providing information about ‘how to’ or ‘how to not’ and instead, I’d like to focus on validating your feelings and thoughts.

Helping the Siblings of Children on the Spectrum

I often wonder how my son appears through my daughter’s eyes.  She adores him; this is clear.  But what does she make of the sudden outbursts, the seemingly unprovoked anger, and the daily challenges that a family with a child on the spectrum lives with?  How does she feel about the attention and resources that are focused on her big brother?  How will she feel later, as she grows up and learns to cope with the world in ways he simply cannot?  Will she act as his protector?  Will

Show Me the Money and Failure to Thrive

Obama’s healthcare debate filled the radio airwaves the weeks before daughter was born.  I would drive to doctor’s appointments, hoping that Mr. Obama’s reforms would go through and amazed at history in the making.  I could not fathom paying for every little part of the healthcare we receive -- we simply cannot afford it.  This became especially apparent after the birth of my daughter, Little Miss Adorable.

Mindfulness Awareness-Avoidance

The other day there was a knock at my door.

Battle to Autism Diagnosis

Recently, within a few days, two of my friends confided in me that they are starting to think one of their kids (two different families) may be on the Autism Spectrum, and then they asked how I knew my son had Autism. I’ll admit that my ex-husband (we were married at the time) was the one who brought it to my attention when the kids were 18months old. I was surprised.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome, also called Trisomy 21, is a genetic condition in which an individual has 47 chromosomes instead of 46.  In most cases, an extra copy of chromosome 21 is the cause of Down syndrome.  This extra copy of the chromosome affects typical mental and physical development.

Severity of Down syndrome varies from person to person, but common characteristics include:

Tossing Your Child's Room: Part One

Pretty much all children hide things from their parents.  I think that’s a given, and children with Reactive Attachment Disorder are certainly not excluded from that group.  Their need to control the situation as if their life depends on it (because in their mind it does!) makes them masters of deception, and some of these children can find hiding spots that we parents would never think of

Transitioning for Young Adults with Special Needs

Transitioning to independence during young adulthood is a pivotal and challenging time for everyone. For young adults with special needs, these periods can particularly difficult. People with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities, may have social and communicative deficits which will impair their ability to advocate for themselves.

Military Wife and Mother: A New Home

Being a wife and mother will always be a big challenge, but more when you're a military wife. When I met my husband, I always knew his aspirations to enter the military and serve his country.  For it was always his dream, and have someone to support him 100%, was feeling fulfilled. Now our major goal is to give the best to each of our children, and especially Xaymara.