Children and Parents

Author Rebecca Woods an Inspiration to All Moms

It seems like so rarely do we see autism in fiction, and when it’s done as well as Living Through Charlie, one has to wonder at how much truth really lies behind the story.  While it might have started out more like a memoir, author Rebecca Woods says it really ended up as a novel, “because real life, for the most part, isn’t as interesting as fiction.”

Is it ADHD or Not?

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions.  Symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, irritability, or difficulty completing tasks are hallmarks of ADHD, but they might also be signs of other conditions.

Memory and Learning

What is memory?

What is ADD or ADHD?

Do you suspect ADHD? Do you really know what Attention Deficit Disorder is? Bonnie Terry, America's Leading Learning Specialist is on FOX Morning News talking about ADD and ADHD.

Tell-Tale Signs of Adult ADHD

With high profile celebrities like NBC’s ‘The Voice’ judge Adam Levine, TV news broadcasters like Phoenix-based Kaley O'Kelley, and others like “The ADHD CEO” Greg Selkoe now publicly “owning” their ADHD diagnosis, it begs many questions: How does one know if they have adult ADHD -- what are the signs?

"Clever Carter": A Story About Autism

Carter, my son, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 3.5 years old. As devastating as it was, we weren’t completely blindsided by his diagnosis. The waitlist for his assessment was almost an entire year.  We received a call at the 10 month mark, due to a cancellation on the other end. That gave us plenty of time to do our own research and come to our own conclusions. The year following his diagnosis was a year of transition. Not so much for Carter, but for my husband and I.

Wilderness River -- Special Needs Parenting Style

I look at Special Needs Parenting like canoeing down a fast river -- full of rocks and raging rapids -- without a map! We don't know what is coming ahead, and honestly, we don’t know where we are going either. We zoom past rocks and through rough waves and get battered, scraped, and scarred. Crack! We’ve hit a rock, are shocked by the impact, and then are carried off down the river again before we fully realise what happened.

What Exactly IS Dyslexia?

The word dyslexia was coined in 1895 but didn’t come into common usage until the 1960s. The word comes from the Greek roots dys, meaning “abnormal” or “difficult,” and lexis, meaning “word” or “speech.” At its most basic level, dyslexia literally translates to “difficulty with words.”

Are You Looking at Me?

Quoting Robert De Niro’s famous line from Taxi Driver is an apt one when one has Bipolar. The context suggests menace and persecution, both of which I can identify with.  And conveniently with the Bi in Bipolar, this aspect has typically two impacts -- the home and the workplace. And it’s been my experience that workplace causes the most suffering.

Proper Digestion, Proper Development

I am a digestion junkie.  Most of my research and education focuses on how to improve digestive function and correct the many ways that our digestive processes can go awry.  For children with special needs, we must focus on creating the most optimal digestive system possible.

Special Olympics World Games
Los Angeles 2015

Circle of Inclusion

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