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Go To Pro Answering Your Questions: Repeating a Grade Pros and Cons?

A Parent’s Question…My son’s school wants to him to repeat a grade next year. What do I do?

Father's Day Family Activities

Wishing a Happy Father's Day to you with a Father's Day gift or two!

Father's Day brings back such good memories to me. On Father's Day we'd typically have a family BBQ with our family and my dad's best friend's family. It was always such fun because my dad's best friend had kids my age and the age of my siblings. We always had the best time playing and eating together.

Spring Break Family Activities

Family Activities Bring a Good Time

Improve Reading Comprehension

Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension

I’ve mentioned in prior posts the importance of reading fluency but there is more to reading than just fluency. In addition to fluency you need to be able to use what you read. You need to comprehend what you read. Without reading comprehension all you have is word calling.

Autism Spectrum: Improving Expressive Communication and Comprehension Skills

All students need to learn to express themselves in one form or another whether you have dyslexia, a learning disability, or in the autism spectrum. When language is difficult, it can be frustrating trying to get a verbal response. One tried and true method of getting responses from non-verbal students that I have used over the years is the following.

Dyslexia Test

Dyslexia Symptoms and Dyslexia Test

A Parent's Question...


How early can you evaluate visual processing disorders like dyslexia and learning disabilities? My oldest has it, and now my kindergartener is showing some of the same traits.  When I asked his school to evaluate him, I was told he is too young to evaluate, and that “dyslexia" doesn’t show up until much later.

Two Valentine's Day Activities Improve Learning Skills Too

Valentine's Day is upon us. That means lots of Valentine's Day Activities.

One of my favorite things to do with my students as well as my own kids is to do a participation activity that helps improve auditory processing skills while having fun. Join me on the video...you can all participate!

Learning to Read Isn’t Rocket Science

Learning to Read and Rapid Naming: the Connection

Learning to read isn’t ‘rocket science’ but there is a lot going on when you read. Two of the processes happening at any given moment involved with reading difficulties are related.

Processing Speed, Rapid Naming, and Reading Problems

Processing Speed

Processing Speed is critical to how quickly we learn. It is one measure of cognitive proficiency. Processing speed envelops one’s ability to automatically take in information and process it quickly and fluently with easy, overlearned material or tasks.

Quick Processing Speed

For example, reading a list of words that you are familiar with quickly, fluently, and accurately.

Slow Processing Speed

Learning Disability? Dyslexia? Learning Difficulty?

Message from Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

As my first post as the Go To Pro for SpecialNeeds.com I want to give you a little bit of background into what a learning problem is. Many of you have struggling students or even struggle yourself with certain things, but that doesn’t mean you actually have a learning disability. So I want to give you some foundational information.