App of the Day

Special Needs App of the Day:  Jellybean Tunes

Learn how to read and compose music with Jellybean Tunes!  With a catchy name and colorful design, Jellybean Tunes is bound to excite and stimulate your child.

Special Needs App of the Day:  i See-quence Daily Schedules

While the app entitled “i See-quence…My Daily Schedule, Recall My Day and Learn Calendar Concepts” might be a mouthful, it capabilities live up to expectations and fulfill a multitude of goals.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Faces iMake

Ready for hours of iPad fun?  Now you have it with Faces iMake.

Right-brain thinking, originality, having fun, exploring, playing, opening your mind, learning, creating, discovering, trying new things, and engaging in an open-ended activity are all goals and benefits of Faces iMake. 

Special Needs App of the Day:  ChoiceWorks

For individuals with special needs, sometimes completing activities of daily living (ADLs) can be a challenge.  ChoiceWorks is an excellent learning tool for teaching children about daily routines and completing them.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Learning Heroes Animal Sounds

Apps for special needs don’t have to be complicated, and apps can serve multiple needs or just one.  The Learning Heroes Animal Sounds app is simple in design and function, but it creates a fun atmosphere for learning animal sounds.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Phonics Genius

Alligator Apps is an educational app designer dedicated to helping your child succeed.  Their apps teach children to learn how to read, write, and speak, and they introduce math and problem solving techniques.  Their Phonics Genius app is one of many apps to teach phonics, but it is one of the most comprehensive phonics apps available.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Let’s face it -- most of us learned about counting from a very cute and very hungry green insect.  Night & Day Studios brings our lovable friend to life in the app Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The app builds a basic math foundation through five levels:

Special Needs App of the Day:  Piece Me Birds

Bird and puzzle lovers unite for the Piece Me Birds app from Fashion Buddha.  Piece Me Birds is one in a series of Piece Me Puzzle educational apps and features the art of Amy Ruppel.

Special Needs App of the Day:  HaloTalk

Communication apps are enabling children to learn how to communicate anywhere and at any time.  HaloTalk by AdastraSoft is simple yet powerful augmentive learning software.

The app includes over 50 pairs of commonly used responses, and each response or adjective includes a visual cue to help the reader choose the appropriate response. 

Special Needs App of the Day:  Sound Sorting

Build phonemic awareness with Sound Sorting from  Lakeshore Learning Materials!