App of the Day

Special Needs App of the Day:  ArtikPix

ArtikPix is an exciting new app that helps students practice words and articulations.  Ideal for students with speech and sound delays, the app is a fun way for children to practice speech.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Story Builder

Designed by Mobile Education Tools, Story Builder is one of the highest-ranked reading apps for iPad.

The app is designed to achieve the following goals:

Special Needs App of the Day:  iTouchiLearn Words

The appiTouchiLearn Words” from Staytooned teaches children about words through interactive word association games.  Staytooned’s motto is “Edutaining Apps for Kids,” and this app is truly an entertaining and educational experience.

Special Needs App of the Day:  iComm

iComm, short for “I Communicate,” is a picture and voice communication aid for children -- it works well for pre-speech toddlers and children with disabilities who have trouble communicating.  Using pictures and words, the program allows children to learn connections between words and their basic needs, family, friends, toys, and other activities.

Special Needs App of the Day: Build a Train

Build a Train is an app kids love because it not only allows them to choose which engines and cars to put on the train, it also challenges them with different tracks and maps. 

There are a variety of colors and designs of cars for your child to choose to put on the train. The cars can also be dragged to change the order they are in. Then the train can be test driven around the city. 

Special Needs App of the Day: I Hear Ewe

The I Hear Ewe app has 36 pictures of animals and vehicles paired with sounds for your child to click on. Children can use their palm or several fingers to click on an image. When they do, the app verbally describes the animal or vehicle and then plays the sound it makes. Sounds are real-life recordings that will help kids understand cause and effect when they tap the picture and hear the noise.

Special Needs App of the Day: Is That Gluten Free?

Many people with special needs benefit from a gluten free diet. For parents who are carefully watching their children’s diets, the Is That Gluten Free? app is an excellent tool. It is the number one gluten free app in the App Store. 

Users can search the database by category, brand or product name. The best part is that no connectivity is required to access this app. Is That Gluten Free? provides manufacturer information for different products. It also lists ingredients as safe, unsafe, and possibly unsafe. 

Special Needs App of the Day: Motion Math Hungry Fish

Motion Math: Hungry Fish makes learning math a fun game for children and even adults! It is a highly visual app in which a hungry goldfish must be fed with numbers. There are up to 18 levels of increasing difficulty, from matching numbers, to adding and subtracting, and even negative numbers.

Pinching bubbles together adds the numbers inside and works on fine motor skills. As you feed the fish, it grows bigger. If he doesn’t eat enough numbers, he shrinks. Win a level and you get to unlock new colors for your fish.

Special Needs App of the Day: Comprehension TherAppy

Comprehension TherAppy is designed to help people with aphasia and alexia (acquired reading disorder). It comes with three modes: Listen, Read, or Listen and Read. The 500 + photographs of nouns in the Listen section were selected by speech-language pathologists. Verbs and adjectives can be purchased and downloaded as well.