Calm in Crisis

I walked into a fifth-grade classroom and saw a student with autism sprawled out on the floor. The classroom paraprofessional was standing over the boy, warning him,"Get up now or you won’t get computer time." The boy began crying and then biting his hand. The paraprofessional’s voice became louder and more stern, "Get up now. Time to make a choice. You can choose to stand up or you can choose to lose your privileges." This was a hard scene to watch; the situation was difficult to begin with but was made more challenging by the actions of the adult.

10 Good Books and Videos on Learning Disability, ADHD and Dyslexia: 1 of a Series

Everyone has their favorite sources of information, and often that means a favorite book. New books are continually coming out. Sometimes new ideas come along. Sometimes they really change the game. Often, they don't.

Title: Summertime Recommendations for Children with ADHD

Summertime marks the end of the school year, a time to relax. But a summer without structure can be a problem for children with ADHD and their unique minds. For parents, it's the perfect time for reflection, a time to evaluate your child's behavior and past performance in school, and an opportunity to implement more effective habits and routines for the coming year. There are several easy steps you can follow to ensure you spend the summer months wisely.