Anxiety and Autism

Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals on the autism spectrum.   Parents and therapists and other professionals all want and need to know how to effectively manage feelings of anxiety in individuals with autism.  While anxiety and autism seem to go hand in hand, there are relatively few resources that help manage these emotions. 

Stop Bullies App is Education and Prevention Mechanism

Every so often, there comes an app that completely revolutionizes the way we view mobile technology.  The iAlertEM Stop Bullies app from Appddiction Studio is that incredible app for 2012 and beyond. 

Shen-Focus: BioRay's Detox Tonic

The response at Autism One this year was huge! Tami, Andrea, and I had fun seeing friends and talking with all the great parents and educators at the conference. There was so much great information that staying focused and calm was necessary to absorb all the data.

Chewing and Autism

Chewing is a common behavior in special needs children, especially those with autism or ADHD.  Children with sensory issues often feel compelled to chew on paper, clothes, or other objects. 

Product of the Week: BioRay Natural Detox Solutions

For common maladies or behavioral issues, BioRay provides natural remedies for improving or eliminating symptoms.  More and more parents are moving towards natural solutions as opposed to medications, and BioRay gives you some options to try.  Visit BioRay for case studies and more information.

A Message from BioRay's Founder

Hello Everyone!

I sometimes get asked about additional ways we use our formulas in clinic and for ourselves here at BioRay. In response to those inquiries, I'm going to send handy tips once a month to suggest ways to increase the usefulness of what you might already have in your homes!

Push Girls’ Tiphany Adams an Inspiration for All

After a drunk driver hit her and her friends, Tiphany Adams was pronounced dead at the scene until the paramedics heard a faint sound from her, and even the hospital said she had a 5 percent chance of survival.  Now the gorgeous blonde stars in Push Girls, premiering on Sundance Channel June 4, 2012.

Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism

This guest piece is written by a man passionate about his vision. David Berkowitz lives in Las Vegas, is an honorably discharged veteran and spent the last 20 years in sales and marketing. David lives with Asperger Syndrome and is raising three kids also on the spectrum. Looking to improve the lives of individuals with autism through technology and the arts, David wants to share a bit about his vision with our readers. He is trying to make a difference for autism, please help him in his efforts.

Push Girls: Pushing Beyond Limits

Push Girls is a new docu-series presented by Sundance Channel, premiering June 4th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.  The series follows four courageous and outgoing women who, by accident or illness, are paralyzed from the neck or waist down.

CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

CHADD is a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.  With 16,000 members and over 200 chapters across the United States, CHADD is the largest organization that serves the children and adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder population.