Dain Blanton: A True Hero & Olympian

Dain Blanton: A True Hero & Olympian

Our venue is a unified game with the former Olympians and athletes at the Alamitos Park, Long Beach. The day was perfect for a game and everyone was excited to be playing alonside Olympians from yesterday. SpecialNeeds.com was delighted to be catching up with one of our super-stars, Dain Blanton. He won the gold for beach volleyball in the 2000 Olympic Games. He is still very active in the sport and loves to support Special Olympics with his whole heart.

Dain is a Unified Partner and you can clearly see where his passions are strongest, with the athletes and on the sandy court!  Dain is currently broadcasting, covering outdoor volleyball on the AVP Tour shown, on the NBC network, and the international FIVB Tour, on ESPN this fall for indoor volleyball.

What most impresses me about Dain is his work speaking to our youth through a program he created called, “Getting to Gold!” It’s a wonderful program where he motivates kids and teaches them about the importance of education. He leads by example and teaches that studying hard as well as doing your best will pay off. His way of coaching the kids is really heartwarming and anyone would be fortunate to have him on their team!

Unfortunately Dain was not able to attend the opening ceremonies but was there for the closing ones. We got a chance to see him in action, and the players were having a great time with him on the court. When they wanted pictures with the Olympian he was happy to oblige and took the time to ask how they were doing, then stayed around to hear their answer, a rarity with so many professional athletes. You could hear and see so many on the beach this day that Dain has encouraged, supported, and inspired. Actions speak louder then words and Dain Blanton is definitely a man of actions that lead to positive results.

I asked him how he manages to be in such great shape, mind, and body. Dain told me the way to holds his competitive edge is by lifting weights and exercising, which keeps him sharp and in shape. One of the sports he loves to play is golf. It’s a way this busy man relaxes and takes a breather from the broadcasting grind.

Dain told us that the focus sometimes is too much on the competitiveness and not enough on the passion, camaraderie, or the uplifting of one another’s spirit. He believes these athletes are true heroes, and if we all pay attention, we will learn so much from them. We all need to take a valuable lesson from Special Olympics -- no one is excluded, everyone has a dream that is achieved through hard work and determination! Until we meet Dain again, SpecialNeeds.com wishes him much luck in his future in broadcasting and regards him as a real hero!

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Written by: Robin Flutterby Borakove See other articles by Robin Flutterby Borakove
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Robin Flutterby BorakoveWell into​ ​her adult life, Robin Borakove was diagnosed with​ ​Asperger’s Syndrome. Her dream is to fund a​ Special Needs Adult​ resource network through her​ ​501c3 non-profit, Autism Spectrum Disorder​ ​Supports (ASDS). In 2013​ ​Robin started Neurofeedback treatments​ ​that changed her life. Through her documentary, My​ ​Metamorphosis, Robin​ ​chronicles this extraordinary experience.​ She has three children’s has books out​, her first one she wrote at nine years old. She has written and produced a children's literacy video,​ ​pilot called Enfairya, and a PSA for ASDS, starring her spokes person, Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

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