ADHD/Learning Disabilities … A Mother’s Story

ADHD/Learning Disabilities … A Mother’s Story

Where Does a Parent Start?


Teaching to THRIVE on many levels. THAT is what we have in COMMON.

NUTRITION is a very integral part to living your BEST life.  Let me share my SONS story.


A number of years ago, when my son, Craig, was a baby we had quite the shock…It all started when he was 9 months old. I’ll never forget that day. It was his first Christmas. Craig had a seizure. In shock and not quite sure what to do, we rushed him to the hospital. That is when his and our journey began with “modern day medicine” to control his seizures. After that trip to the hospital, we found that his activity levels were always intense, his alertness and awareness of his surroundings heightened by his acute sense of hearing.

After a year of being helped and supported by the medical profession with Craig’s seizures, we kept looking for more solutions to the seizure problems. Eventually, we aware that although the medications controlled the seizures, he was having behavioral reactions to the medication. We finally found out that he was actually allergic to the medication prescribed by the doctors.

Nutrition was my minor in college, but I did not connect the “dots” when it came to his allergy to the dyes and flavor additives in much of pediatric medicine. He was becoming quite the ‘handful’.

I remember one incident when he walked to the neighborhood Safeway grocery store while I was putting his baby brother in a stroller. We found him in the dairy section eating a yogurt. This led to  continually adjusting his seizure meds. We never did find a solution until many years later, until age 30 (but that’s another story). Needless to say, Craig was quite the challenge. As time went on, his ADHD and learning disabilities became more evident as we put him in part time daycare.

Nutritionally, I re-read everything that I could, and began the “Feingold Diet”. This consisted of NO processed foods, so I became a very inventive chef! I was aware of the harm in food dyes, too much sugar, additives … and the benefits in WHOLE food.   Pure, no artificial ANYTHING, was the norm in our home. This took a lot of work each day, but as a parent, you know as well as I do, that you do what you have too, to help your children thrive.  This change in diet changed everything. Thankfully, his behavior improved dramatically. Unfortunately, his mood did not. That’s how we discovered he was allergic to the dyes in his medications…duh!!

 However, he still faced challenges in school.

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His educational story was a bit more complex. Although we placed Craig in Montessori schools, and home schooled for a while, we found that his METHOD of learning was different, and we began to explore other alternatives. There were fewer “experts” in those days on HOW we actually learn. His ADHD was “cured” through nutrition, but he still struggled with learning in the WAY that the schools presented the materials. In high school, we found an “expert” who discovered Craig’s unique method of learning. VOILA, it made a world of difference.

Throughout Craig’s school career he understood how food affected his body. Thankfully, as he got older, he learned to cook and love cooking! Always attentive to what was going on in his body, he eventually became aware that he could “predict” when a seizure was about to happen. Thankfully, today, there is now so much information on the brain… how it functions, develops, and THRIVES.

We always had to pay close attention to diet and nutrition. Many years went by and I was introduced to a company that dehydrates pure WHOLE food into a “salad bar in a capsule” (without the dressing).  This capsule provides over 30 dehydrated fruits and veggies in our diet, DAILY!!  WOW! Finally, an answer to his nutritional needs. That took care of the NUTRITIONAL component of THRIVING!  It made life so much easier for Craig. (see website below) As a result, my now 40-year old son, is a survivor and “THRIVER” of ADHD, EPILEPSY, and LEARNING disabilities.

Craig is a member of Menses, (he always was a brilliant child!) married, with 3 step children, and gainfully employed living outside of Boulder Colorado.  

Although I have retired after my 40-year career in dentistry, I am continuing my “Pursuit of Thriving” and spreading the word on an easy way to do just that through my nutritional liaison with the Juice Plus Company. Juice Plus offers a Family Program, where one adult can sponsor a child for FREE. This bridges the gap between what we SHOULD eat, and what we DO eat.  This is of primary concern to me because I KNOW the healing benefits of proper nutrition. My son is able to thrive with such ease do to the “salad bar in a capsule’ that he takes.

For more information, please visit my website. I would love to help your son or daughter THRIVE.  Remember, this a WHOLE FAMILY journey. I look forward to being a part of your healing adventure.

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Written by: Trisha Craig See other articles by Trisha Craig
About the Author:

Trisha Craig is a mom that continues to spread the word on nutritional ways to help children thrive even when they have a variety of learning disabilities, ADHD, or epilepsy. She writes and coaches families on how to survive and thrive. 

For more information, please visit her website. She would love to help your son or daughter THRIVE.

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