Looking at Special Needs Education in a New Light

Looking at Special Needs Education in a New Light

One doctor’s holistic approach to educating children with learning disabilities.

JoQueta Handy, PhD, CCC-SLP is an Integrative Medicine Doctor who has developed the Brilliant Learning Program to open new pathways of education to people with learning disabilities.

Not much has changed within our education system to adapt to the number of autism diagnoses we see today -- where a decade ago only 1 in 250 children had ASD, now 1 in 48 are diagnosed with the disorder. Handy realized this new epidemic of children with learning disabilities will soon create a generation of adults who, because of their conditions, will be unemployed and potentially unemployable.

Through her research, Handy has developed a method of learning that identifies a child’s strengths and focuses on those strengths to build an education regimen called the Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance, or COB, model. She is using her holistic education discipline as a platform to inform fellow educators about her new findings on the front of teaching special needs children. She understands that change needs to happen in congruence with the differing learning styles we see today, both in public and at-home education.

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“I was doing what the traditional therapy model said: therapy, therapy, therapy,” said Kristi Munro, mother of Billy, a child living with autism. “I wasn’t looking at Billy as someone who had all the ability inside him--we just had to meet him where he was.”

Children enrolled in the Brilliant Learning program have seen a 70% improvement after only sixteen hours of instruction. Her success has led her to become a prominent speaker at various education conventions. She was also recently featured as a guest on Dr. Oz with plans to return for future presentations.

“It’s not only a solution for learning strategies, but it’s a solution for bringing doctors, parents, and teachers together so that hopefully we can create the hub for the wheel of the child,” said Handy. “Because that’s what it’s really all about.”


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Written by: JoQueta Handy, PhD, CCC-SLP See other articles by JoQueta Handy, PhD, CCC-SLP
About the Author:

Brilliant Learning is an education program founded by Dr. JoQueta Handy that seeks to lay out new pathways for children with learning disabilities. In a world of complacency and stagnation in special needs education, Brilliant Learning’s Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance, or COB, model focuses on the child’s ability to learn rather than focusing on what they can’t do. Through this practice, Handy hopes to create a generation of employable, proactive adults living with learning disabilities. For more information, visit www.brilliantlearningonline.com.

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