Transitioning 2 Life Skills – From HS to Adult

Transitioning 2 Life Skills – From HS to Adult

Meet Transition Mandates with Transition 2 Life

What happens when your child graduates from high school with a diploma but no functional skills to live as an adult?

Meeting all the requirements for graduation can be daunting for students with special needs and their parents. The push for a diploma can overshadow the need to teach adult living skills when students feel too overwhelmed with algebra and science to worry about grocery shopping or traffic laws. But, what happens after high school?

Searching for a life skills program for her son’s school, Susan Traugh found nothing for high functioning special needs teens that was both informational and appropriate. So, she wrote it.

Transition 2 Life and, later, Daily Living Skills were born.

Susan Traugh Both programs provide skills to help young people transitioning into adult living. Each meets federal mandates for transition services and national Indicator 13 guidelines.

They are written on a 3rd/4th grade reading level to provide independent use whenever possible but are written with teen sensibilities in mind. The books have light, airy pages with lots of bullet-point information and lessons are 2-3 pages long with a short quiz or activity following so that teachers or parents can easily test comprehension. Grade checklists are provided for students and Parent Letters are included so families can understand the goals the teachers are pursuing so that they may provide support whenever possible. Written ITP (Individual Transition Plan) goals are provided and aligned to every workbook.

Transition 2 Life is a compact, 7-unit workbook addressing post-secondary education and employment skills needed for students who just need a concrete game plan for their next step in life. Writing a resume, using an ATM card, and studying for a driver’s license are just a few of the skills addressed in the book. This one-stop-shop works well for mainstreamed students moving into a job or college.

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With thirty books (and counting) in the series, there is a topic for every teen in the Daily Living Skills series. This series is for students who need more explicit instruction on a wide variety of executive functioning and adult living skills.

Broad categories include Adult Living Skills (with titles such as Cleaning House, Paying Bills and Doing Laundry), Cooking Skills (Kitchen Basics, Grocery Shopping, Making Meals), Job Skills (Seeking Employment, Interviewing Skills and Dress 4 Success), Social Skills (Making Conversation, Becoming Likeable and Everyday Manners), and Character Building Skills (Decision Making, Becoming Self-Aware and Practicing Patience.)

Praise for the programs has been enthusiastic with each receiving a 4-star rating (out of 4-stars) from the Teachers Pay Teachers audience. The programs are currently being used from fifth grade through adults in homes, resource rooms, functional skills and life skills programs, juvenile justice settings, and in the general education population as a high school senior project.

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