Special Needs Advocates Directory

Professional advocates for special education, are experts at navigating the complicated world of special needs, interacting with state agencies and local school districts on behalf of special needs children and their families. Special Needs Advocates can help you develop successful strategies for IEP meetings and assist you to obtain meaningful goals and objectives and services to meet your child's educational needs.
Find Special Needs and Special Education Attorneys and Lawyers for IEP Guidance, FAPE Guidance, and Special Needs Estate Planning.
Books and learning supplies to educate children and adults on special needs.
Special needs camps for boys and girls that focus on the challenges of ADHD, Autism, physical disabilities, diabetes, and many other special needs that children face. We have an extensive listing of summer camps and recreation programs, including horseback riding, sports activities, swim lessons, playground equipment and accessible playgrounds.
If you require day care for your child with special needs, our resource directory can help you sort through the options, including chronically ill day care, acutely ill day care, respite care and prescribed pediatric extended care.
Clothing and products which donate a percentage of the profits towards a special needs disability.
Special Needs Consulting, Evaluation & Educational Services assist you with getting your child evaluated for a special need.
Special Needs Planning helps you to take steps to provide lifetime quality care that your dependent with special needs requires.
Children with special healthcare needs often require specialized medical care and supports. Find medical, therapy and hospital resources.
Nutrition therapy for children with special needs varies greatly and must be individualized for each issue. Find Special Needs Nutrition specialists and products.
Families who have children with special healthcare needs have the additional challenge of finding and making vacation plans that will support their child's specific condition. Resources include special needs guided tours and vacations.
While many people choose to remain with their families, others prefer to “move out” on their own. While many thrive in a group home environment, others enjoy an innovative Shared Living model, in which an individual lives with a carefully selected and trained host family.
Special needs schools specialize in teaching students with learning and many other disabilities. Find schools and other learning resources in your area.
Children and young adults with special healthcare needs often require specialized items or services that help improve or maintain their ability to function in everyday life. If your child needs a wheelchair, toys, communication aids or adjustable beds, we will connect you with resources to make your search easier.
Parents and siblings of children with special needs often gain strength by networking with others and realizing they are not alone. Whether through group meetings or online communities, parents gain information and support from others facing the same issues and challenges.
Tutors and Brain Training centers for Special Needs.
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