Advance LA

Comedy Improv Event for Young Adults

Advance LA is holding a comedy event for young adults ages 18 and up -- experienced improv teachers will focus on improv and public speaking skills such as: 

  • Projection
  • Enunciation
  • Stage Composition & Direction
  • Improvisation
  • Exercise facial expressions & Body language
  • Character Creation & Development
  • Develop Stage Presence
  • Develop Chemistry with acting partners
  • Learn to listen & respond naturally in an unnatural settin
Transitioning for Young Adults with Special Needs

Transitioning to independence during young adulthood is a pivotal and challenging time for everyone. For young adults with special needs, these periods can particularly difficult. People with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities, may have social and communicative deficits which will impair their ability to advocate for themselves.

What Happens Next?

Preparing Your Child for the Future