App of the Day

How is the iPad Changing Lives of People with Special Needs?

As our App of the Day reviews continues to grow, we are constantly hearing parents of children with special needs say, “my kid LOVES his iPad.”  And yes, the word “LOVES” is in CAPS, italicized, or surrounded by exclamation points.  Many other parents say that traditional therapies do help, but when their children got an iPad, they made more improvements that put them on the level of their neurotypical peers.

Special Needs App of the Day: ThumbJam

Humans by nature are musical beings -- most people you meet will admit they love music.  As a music therapist, I encourage all parents I know to get their kids a drum and a keyboard, no matter their age or level of ability.  And now I have to tell them (and you) to have a look at ThumbJam, an app for iPhone and iPad.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Abilipad

Communication is hard for most people, and it can be even more of a challenge for individuals with special needs.  Abilipad gives children and adults a means of communication through sophisticated notepads, keyboards, and text-to-speech features.

Special Needs App of the Day: Felt Board

Many of us have seen felt boards in school classrooms, and creating images with felt shapes is an exciting tactile experience for kids -- the Felt Board app brings that creativity and stimulation in a compact mobile application. 

Special Needs App of the Day: SLP Minimal Pairs

Mobile technology is not just for kids -- many professionals are finding apps are great ways to stimulate their clients and provide meaningful experiences in therapy sessions.  SLP Minimal Pairs is an app for speech-language pathologists to target phonological and articulation disorders in children from pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Special Needs App of the Day:  Tapikeo HD

When looking at many apps each day, the ones that stand out quite often are the ones that are the most versatile and will have applications for many scenarios.  Tapikeo HD is an iPad app that allows you to create audio-enabled picture books, storyboards, visual schedules, memory aids, audio flashcards, and more.

Special Needs App of the Day:  Chore Pad

We’ve heard mothers exasperated at their children’s claims of “oh, I can’t do my chores -- my autism hurts.”  With Chore Pad, you can easily keep track of daily chores, so there’s no excuse for not completing routine activities or household duties.

Special Needs App of the Day: Which Does Not Belong?

Enhance your child’s cognitive skills with the Which Does Not Belong? app.  The app is simple in design and asks one question -- “which of these items does not belong with the others?”  Five pictures show up on the screen, and the user drags the picture that does not belong into a trash can in the corner of the screen.  For each correct response, a voice indicates “good thinking!” as a positive reinforcer.

Special Needs App of the Day: Autism DX/Treatment

With the increase of cases of autism and autism awareness comes a wealth of information, and parents are often bombarded with both good information and misinformation.  Licensed psychologist Dr. Gary Brown put together an applet called Autism DX/Treatment to help you sort through the information and give you tools to find the proper treatment for autism. 

Special Needs App of the Day:  Jellybean Tunes

Learn how to read and compose music with Jellybean Tunes!  With a catchy name and colorful design, Jellybean Tunes is bound to excite and stimulate your child.