Improvements in Autism Symptoms

Why is it that some children with autism “get better,” while others continue to struggle with their symptoms?  Early intervention and therapy involving learning proper social and communication skills are essential to reducing the prevalence of autism symptoms.

Autism Products to Save Your Child's Life

As a parent or caregiver of a child with autism, there are many resources and autism products that you can utilize.  None of the autism products available are going to cure your son or daughter, but they will make your job as the caretaker much easier.  Two of these products are Liquid Carnosine Plus, a beneficial dietary supplement, and a safety kit that is made especially for children with autism and their families.

Improving Therapy with Autism Products

Does your child with autism thrive in his or her personal therapy sessions?  The right therapy and therapist can work wonders with any child with special needs.  Encourage your child’s therapy even more with these cool toys and products made especially for children with autism.  These autism products are a great way to keep children with autism entertained, as well as helping your child improve between therapy sessions.

Chew Stixx

Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Tell green to stand aside for a month -- April belongs to Autism Awareness.

In March of 2012, the CDC announced that the number of cases of autism in the United States rose to 1 in 88.  Autism is five times more likely to affect boys than girls, and children are being diagnosed as early as 3 years of age.

While autism has been a “buzz” word for the past few years, efforts for autism awareness have helped families of children with autism receive the proper care and services.

How Can You Light it Up Blue?

Sensory Friendly Films for Autism

Most children love going to the cinema, but while movie-going is a pleasant experience for many families, it can be difficult for families with children with autism.  The bright screen in a very dark room and the loud sounds from surrounding speakers is often over-stimulating and frightening for children with autism, and they often have to leave before the movie is over.  Still other children find it difficult to sit still or stay quiet for an entire film, leading to the disruption of other families.

Jesse Saperstein:  A Role Model for Change

When asked why he would jump out of a plane, Jesse Saperstein does not hesitate to reply, “Because I’m insane.”  All humor aside, he adds, “I thought it would be an exciting an creative way to stop bullying.”  Indeed -- is there anything more exciting than skydiving?

Book Review:  Carly's Voice

Parents of children with autism, especially those children who are non-verbal, understand the daily struggle of communication and lack of understanding.  In the book Carly’s Voice, father Arthur Fleischmann details his personal story, with the help of his daughter.

What is Autism?

For a parent of a child with autism, it can be a confusing time when it comes to getting the proper diagnosis.  However, as many parents that have children with autism will tell you, learning about their child’s diagnosis did not rob them from the joy of parenting.  In fact, many parents are relieved when they discover their children has autism because it answers a lot of questions and concerns they had since the child was an infant.

Autism Book Giveaways and Resources

To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, Brookes Publishing Company is holding several giveaways of their professional books.  Each week in April, Brookes will select two winners for a series of Paula Kluth titles or a selection from multiple authors.  Brookes is a leading publishing company of resources that support individuals with autism.