developmental delays

Special Needs App of the Day: ClickySticky

Clicky Sticky is an app that allows children to place animated stickers in different scenes. It is a great tool for learning about things like the ocean, aviation, the arctic, space, and clothing. Clickey Sticky has also been used for building language skills in children with developmental delays.

This app is more than just placing stickers. Completed scenes can be put into action--a play button makes the stickers move. Stickers also have sound effects, which keep kids entertained and are wonderful for learning vocabulary. 

Antidepressants and Pregnancy: Weighing Risks

Women who take antidepressants and learn that they are pregnant must consider not just the potential risks of the drugs but also the impact of untreated depression on a developing fetus. Untreated depression could lead to low birth weight, irritability in the child and developmental delays. Side effects of antidepressants can be similarly harmful: miscarriage, premature birth, and breathing problems in newborns. “There’s no path that’s really risk-free,” Pec Indman, a therapist who specializes in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, tells the Chicago Tribune.

Special Needs App of the Day: Tap Tap Baby

 Tap Tap Baby for iPad is a great app for children who experience severe developmental delays and/or fine motor difficulties. It features a total of six games, including a monkey face that goes through a range of emotions, a xylophone game, and a game that lets your child create their own fireworks display. This colorful app is a lot of fun and will teach your child names of shapes and animals while keeping them entertained for hours.

Available for download in the App Store for $1.99.

Interactive Metronome Hits the Right Beat

Three and a half years ago, Diane Solomon was at the end of her rope. Her son Adam was in second grade and nobody knew what was wrong with him. When Adam was 18 months old, he had been diagnosed with a rare childhood inflammatory disease called Kawasaki syndrome.

Emotion, Community...Miracles

Developmental delays, communication difficulties and/or motor planning and sensory processing challenges can impede a child’s ability to express himself. Traditional therapies focus on helping the child to overcome these deficits. We may, however, become so bogged down in these necessary therapies, that we overlook the importance of enlivening the spirit in a child.