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What is Dyspraxia

Out of several learning disabilities, dyspraxia is not one commonly heard by many people.  Dyspraxia affects about two percent of children, the majority of which are males.  Like many other disabilities, dyspraxia can vary in its degree of severity.

Fine Motor Skill Activities for Special Needs

Fine Motor Skill Activities for Special Needs Children

Many children with special needs have challenges with their fine motor skills. Therefore, it is important to incorporate fine motor skills activities for special needs children in their daily routine. These activities for special needs children can be simple and even fun. Children with special needs will enjoy the activities and, best of all, benefit from them.

Special Needs App of the Day: Motion Math Hungry Fish

Motion Math: Hungry Fish makes learning math a fun game for children and even adults! It is a highly visual app in which a hungry goldfish must be fed with numbers. There are up to 18 levels of increasing difficulty, from matching numbers, to adding and subtracting, and even negative numbers.

Pinching bubbles together adds the numbers inside and works on fine motor skills. As you feed the fish, it grows bigger. If he doesn’t eat enough numbers, he shrinks. Win a level and you get to unlock new colors for your fish.

Special Needs App of the Day: ClickySticky

Clicky Sticky is an app that allows children to place animated stickers in different scenes. It is a great tool for learning about things like the ocean, aviation, the arctic, space, and clothing. Clickey Sticky has also been used for building language skills in children with developmental delays.

This app is more than just placing stickers. Completed scenes can be put into action--a play button makes the stickers move. Stickers also have sound effects, which keep kids entertained and are wonderful for learning vocabulary. 

Special Needs App of the Day: Tappie Puzzles

Tappie Puzzles is a wonderful app for children ages 4 and up. It comes with 10 interactive puzzles that help children learn to navigate their way around the world. Most of the puzzles have animals that nod along when the child puts a piece in the correct place and shake their heads when the piece is wrong. Each puzzle scene begins and ends with a fun little animation. 

Special Needs App of the Day: Colorific

Colorific is a great coloring app for kids. It includes over 40 templates where they can fill in the colors. There are also blank pages where children can create whatever pictures they like. Template categories are numbers, animals and birds, transport, professions, and dinosaurs.

Children will love Colorific for being easy to use but satisfying in the way it lets them paint and color. Pleasant music plays in the background while they “work.” Pictures can be easily shared on email and Facebook.

Special Needs App of the Day: Sprout's Good Night Star HD

Sprout’s Good Night Star app teaches your little one about bedtime routines. The goal is to help the adorable Star character get ready for bed by brushing his teeth, washing his face, reading a story, tucking him in and rocking him to sleep.

Based on PBS KIDS’ The Good Night Show, this app is very simple to use, but it is also a lot of fun. Children can practice finger isolation exercises by moving the toothbrush up and down on Star’s teeth.

Special Needs App of the Day: What Goes Together?

This app focuses on improving receptive language skills but is also good for expressive language skills. It asks the user to select which item out of a group goes with another item, based on use or function. For example, a child who is shown a picture of a toothbrush would have to pick a picture of a tube of toothpaste out of a group of other objects including a paint can and a shoe. 

Special Needs App of the Day: Marble Mixer

This app offers three games, all modern twists on the classic way to play marbles. Marble Mixer is a fun and effective way to introduce children to game playing and strategy. In the Monster Picnic game, players must flick marbles into the monster’s mouth while knocking other players’ marbles out of the way. In Space Mania, the goal is to remove your opponents’ marbles from the board by knocking them into the black hole at the center. Table Tactics requires skill in shooting marbles to high point spots on the board.

Playing Learning Games with Throw-Aways

If you want to play games with your child, you can do it with materials no fancier than yesterday’s newspaper, today’s empty cereal box and a smile.

Playing with your child lets her or him know that you enjoy their company and want to spend time together. But just as important is the fact that playing is the way children learn. Playing is the way they gain confidence and skills. Research even shows that brains evolve and expand with play. Play matters.