Special Education

Low-Income Students More Likely Placed in Special Ed

According to a study commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, children from low-income families are almost twice as likely to be placed in special education than other students.

Getting Acquainted with Special Education

Special education is a program designed to meet and protect children with unique needs.  Special education can serve many children of many different types of disabilities, from physical disabilities to mental disabilities or learning disabilities.  Perhaps your child has special needs and would benefit in a special education program, or perhaps your child received a referral for an evaluation to be placed in special education.

What is Special Education and is it Right for Your Child?

When it comes to your child and their education, it is natural to only want the best.  However, if your child has special needs or a learning disability, a regular classroom setting may not be best for them.  In fact, your child may be learning less in a regular classroom setting because the instruction is too confusing and frustrating for them.  To help your child succeed with their needs and disability, it is a good idea to see if special education is a good fit for them.

Special Ed Schools in California

Finding the Right Special Ed School in California

California parents of special needs children will be happy to know that there are several special ed schools available. These schools range from private academies to non-public schools, which are schools that are free of cost, yet are only available for special needs students.  Special education schools offer students the unique opportunity to be with similar students who also have special needs and learning disabilities.

Kinderlift Opens Up to World of Special Needs

No one was more surprised than Randy Burklund, owner of Kinderlift, that a ski vest designed to keep kids safe on the slopes would find a market in the special needs community. Kinderlift was created by a mother whose son fell off a ski lift when he was very young. The boy was fine, but the mother had the idea of making a brightly colored vest with a strap on the back so that it is easy for parents to grab onto kids when they start to fall as they learn to ski.

When Your Child Grows Up & Out of Special Ed
It is all well and good to be told, as a parent, you must be ready for when your child with a developmental disability is no longer in special ed full time.  Yet, to me that time crept up in 2000. When my son with autism, now 31, was out of school I thought it would all be very easy. I was optimistic, sure that a local developmental disability related nonprofit (NPO) would agree to work with him since he had been at work sites starting at 14 by his school. I was unrealistic.
A Day in the Life of a Special Ed Teacher

A typical day for a special education teacher is hard to define because the job description varies widely, unlike that of a classroom teacher. What all special education teachers do have in common, though, include a case load of students who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) based on some diagnosed disability, the responsibility of preparing lesson plans, recording data on student’s progress towards individual goals and participating in IEP meetings.

Special Needs Advocacy 101

"Is my child getting all the services he/she needs or am I falling behind?"

"My son is a year old, but all he does is make noises, I’ve never heard any words come out of his mouth.   I’ve mentioned this to the pediatrician on numerous occasions and the doctor just tells me not to worry.  He says my son will talk when he is ready.  What does that mean?"

Special Ed Kids Go to Space Camp in New Film

A Smile as Big as the Moon is an inspiring story about a class of special education students who dream of going to Space Camp. What began as a memoir written by real-life special education teacher Mike Kersjes has now been made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of the same title.