special needs

What exactly are special needs? Most of us have heard the term “children with special needs”, but the reality is that there are many different conditions that a child may have in order to fall into the category of being a child with special needs. Children with autism are considered to have special needs while those with select mutism, dyslexia, behavioral or learning disabilities are also considered to be children with special needs.

Organizing an Inclusive Birthday Party

Birthday parties can create fear in many parents. All the excitement, noise and sugar at the start, followed by tears and tantrums at the end. Not to mention all the expensive, catering and planning that’s involved.

But one aspect of the planning that parents shouldn’t worry over is the invite list. Should you invite the child in the class with special needs? The simple answer is, yes. Having children with special needs at the party may require a bit of extra preparation, but it shouldn't mean they miss out on an invite.

Not invited

Looking at Special Needs Education in a New Light

One doctor’s holistic approach to educating children with learning disabilities.

JoQueta Handy, PhD, CCC-SLP is an Integrative Medicine Doctor who has developed the Brilliant Learning Program to open new pathways of education to people with learning disabilities.

Great Movie: ‘A Child is Waiting’ on Blu-ray

This just in from Francine Brokaw...The movie 'A Child is Waiting' is now on Blu-ray. It is a great watch!  

Burt Lancaster and Judy Garland star in this extremely dramatic 1963 movie about mental illness. A Child is Waiting is intense and well acted.

Special Needs Parenting: Planning for Retirement

An estimated 58 percent of Americans die without a will.  Life expectancy for individuals with special needs has increased significantly; for example, adults with Down syndrome now live to about 60, an increase from age 25 in 1983.  With statistics like these, it’s becoming even more important for parents of special needs children to prepare for retirement

New iOS 6 Helps Special Needs

Children with autism and other special needs are using the iPad and other Apple devices for therapeutic or educational apps, and Apple knows it.  On June 11, 2012, Apple announced the release of the new iOS 6, which includes some features beneficial for the special needs community.

Transitioning for Young Adults with Special Needs

Transitioning to independence during young adulthood is a pivotal and challenging time for everyone. For young adults with special needs, these periods can particularly difficult. People with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities, may have social and communicative deficits which will impair their ability to advocate for themselves.

Show Your Stuff!

Last weekend, we held our annual in-house children’s tournament. The event was a huge success and our special needs division was the most remarkable of the day. This division was comprised of children with a variety of special needs and they competed just like children in the mainstream divisions. Children from our studio as well as other local studios performed together either with a shadow or independently. Some utilized PECs (pictures) while others were assisted hand-over-hand or followed.

Book Review: Living Through Charlie

While it reads and is labeled as a novel, parents of special needs kids will know that Living Through Charlie is a true story, and that people really did live through it.