Special Needs Adoption

More Couples Look to Special Needs Adoption

Couples who plan to adopt often look to other countries with cultures similar to their own. That is why Megan and Keith Nakamoto began the China adoption process in 2005. "My husband is Japanese, so we are familiar with the Asian culture. We thought it would be a smoother culture for [adopted daughter Tessa]," Megan Nakamoto tells the Chicago Tribune.

When a family adds a new member, it is a time of joy. When it involves a special needs adoption, it also needs to be a time of planning. While all families make changes to accommodate a new member and safeguard a home to make sure this new person is as free from risk as possible this is doubly true in the case of a special needs adoption. Whether a child faces physical, mental, or psychological challenges his or her new family will want to offer the best possible environment, education, support and of course love.