More States Updating Autism Insurance Reform

More States Updating Autism Insurance Reform

Nearly 75 percent of states in the U.S. are reforming insurance benefits for children with autism.  These reforms will include ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, as an approved treatment for autism.

With one in 88 children being diagnosed with autism, the need for therapy is critical.  Early intervention is a concept driven into parents’ minds, even though most diagnoses are not made until around age 4.  Doctors recommend several hours of therapy, and the cost to keep up this treatment is enormous.  Insurance companies have refused to pay for it, but now the law is become more and more on the side of parents. 

Under the new laws, insurance plans that cover hospital, medical, and surgical coverage must also cover “medically necessary” behavioral treatment for autism, which includes ABA.

Insurance companies, of course, are not too thrilled about these changes.  As with SSI benefits and other monetary coverage for expenses, the insurance companies will likely deny everyone on their first attempt to apply for coverage.  They know many people will take this denial as is and not pursue the matter further.  However, you should know what your rights are and that the law will back you up.  If you are denied insurance coverage, try again. 

If your health care plan does not include behavioral therapies, or if you are enrolled in Medi-Cal, the new law will not entitle you to ABA therapy benefits.

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