Daydreaming Dakota

Daydreaming Dakota
USD 16.95
Jill Bobula, Katherine Bobula & Nicole Dion. Illustrated by Rob Hall
The World's Greatest Daydreamer

Daydreaming Dakota, is the story of a girl who has attention deficit disorder. Dakota takes you on a journey and shares her daily challenges as well as her passion for her favorite subject, geography.Dakota describes her passion for people and countries around the world. She shares with us the challenges she faces when she daydreams at home and at school. Dakota is proud of who she is and she doesn't mind people knowing she has attention deficit disorder. After all, her daydreaming is a gift! Embark on a trip of a lifetime and join Dakota on her travels. The story is entertaining, educational and is as essential to all school and home libraries as books on safety, friendship and family. Daydreaming Dakota is a must read for all children! Daydreaming Dakota is part of the WE ARE POWERFUL children's book series from Canada which helps children, parents, educators and the public in general gain a better understanding of mental and neurological health issues affecting 1 in 5 children todayDakota spends her time daydreaming about fascinating people and places around the world. Sometimes she's so concentrated on her daydreams, she forgets to get dressed for school. Both her mom and teacher have tricks to focus her attention, but Dakota doesn't even know when she's not paying attention. Dakota has attention deficit disorder (ADD). Daydreaming Dakota is the second book in the WE ARE POWERFUL series, written by Wildberry Productions and aimed to clear the air surrounding children living with disorders, syndromes or various disabilities. Dakota would rather look at her atlases and maps than do her school work. She considers her daydreaming a gift. The story includes tips and techniques for parents and educators, ways to re-focus students like Dakota caught up in their imagination.--EMC (Ontario),NewspaperThis book has Dakota saying that she is proud of who she is, and how her daydreaming is a gift. Dakota describes her passion for people and countries around the world and shares the challenges she faces when she's daydreaming. This story is nice from a production point of view because there are a lot of illustrations from around the world - Africa and the desert, coral reefs, China and their unique customs and traditions. It also tries to teach how Dakota's teacher knows what signs indicate that Dakota is or is not tuning in to her lesson. When she is interested, she is very focused, but when her teacher is talking about a subject she is not very interested in, Dakota is off travelling the globe visiting her favorite countries, so her teacher knows what to do to establish eye contact with her. Bobula explained how children like Dakota have to learn to do things in small, manageable pieces, since assigning a large task all at once would be very overwhelming. We want people to understand that children with ADD think differently and that's part of their gift. We want that part to be celebrated.--Barrhaven (Ontario) Independent32 pages. 2008

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