Dinosaur Diego

Dinosaur Diego
USD 14.95
Jill Bobula & Katherine Bobula
The World's Smartest Dude

Dinosaur Diego© is a story about an amazing boy who knows endless tidbits about dinosaurs. He's known as the child expert on dinosaurs. Diego also has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Come join Diego as he shares with us his special journey into the world of Asperger syndrome!Dinosaur Diego is the world's smartest dude. In fact, he's something of an expert on dinosaurs. Diego also has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. This is a story about an amazing boy who knows endless tidbits about dinosaurs. Diego shares with us the challenges and joys he faces every day at home and at school. Diego is proud of who he is. He doesn't mind people knowing he has Asperger's syndrome. After all, his intelligence is a gift. Dinosaur Diego thinks he's a very special person. Join Dinosaur Diego as he demystifies Asperger's syndrome for us and shares his passion for dinosaurs. The story is entertaining, educational and is as essential to all school and home libraries as books on safety, friendship and family. Dinosaur Diego is part of the WE ARE POWERFUL children's book series from Canada which helps children, parents, educators and the public in general gain a better understanding of mental and neurological health issues affecting 1 in 5 children today.Celebrating diversity and embracing differences are the main themes for the We ARE POWERFUL book series. For the latest instalment, author Jill Bobula focuses on a boy with Asperger's syndrome, a high functioning autistic disorder, calling the book Dinosaur Diego, The World's Smartest Dude. Children with Asperger's syndrome are usually very intelligent and have one specific area of interest. Diego's interest is dinosaurs. Asperger's is high-functioning autism, so children are able to speak, but social interaction is still their trigger. By presenting info on Asperger's syndrome in a clear format with colourful illustrations, children are able to relate to the story and be educated at the same time. Through understanding, these kids can develop to their best potential in something that helps them flourish, be happy and healthy.--EMC Nepean/Barrhaven newspaper, Ontario, Canada32 pages. 2008

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