The Floortime DVD Training Series (Set 1)

The Floortime DVD Training Series (Set 1)
USD 88.85
Stanley I. Greenspan & Serena Wieder
The Basics: Relating and Communicating

Let Stanley I. Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, PhD, creators of the DIR®/Floortime approach, show you how to help your child master the basics of relating and communicating. Watch them work with parents and children, and learn how to put together a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your child's needs, and how to interact with your child to support his or her development, from shared attention and engagement to interaction and more advanced communication.
• Video illustrations of Floortime principles with: Gary, age 22 months; Alex, age 2; Caroline, age 5; and Grayson, age 4
• Also included: An introduction to the DIR®/Floortime model, with Stanley I. Greenspan, MD, and Serena Wieder, PhD
• Accompanying guide features an in-depth discussion of each child and the DIR®/Floortime modelRunning time: introduction: 45 minutes; case studies: 5 hours 40 minutes"Because Floortime is practiced by parents at home, we believe an affordable training series on DVD will be a tremendous tool to make this approach more accessible," said Deborah Flaschen, President of the Floortime Foundation. "It will also be useful for clinicians, teachers " anyone who has regular interaction with a child affected by autism " in helping children reach their potential.  The training series will show them how." The Floortime DVD Training Series, is available in three sets, each $88.85. This is the first set. The second set, "Sensory Regulation and Social Interaction," shows parents how to help a child overcome challenges of sensory regulation. The third set, "Symbolic and Logical Thinking," shows parents how to use pretend play to help their child create and connect ideas.2005

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