Guardian Warrior: The Dark And Silent Night Of The Soul

Guardian Warrior: The Dark And Silent Night Of The Soul
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Michael the archangel is relieved of all military duties by God to become the guardian of a child yet to be born in poverty stricken rural Appalachia. Since his demotion has come shortly after a human was inadvertedly killed during spiritual warfare Michael presumes it is punishment. Only after years of suffering guilt and alienation from even God does he finally begin to see a plan so complex it involves generations of both humans and angels. Each one's experiences intertwined and having a purpose beyond the obvious. Even those that seem to be in their life but for a moment. Without realizing how or what they've done all come to discover it made a difference they lived. Michael finally learns the fullness of the meaning of the name God gave him when he was first created and how truly special he is to the Lord despite any failures. The lessons he learns aren't easy, nor free. But necessary to become all he was meant to be.

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