Now I Get It! Saying "Excuse Me," "Please" and "Thank You"

Now I Get It! Saying
USD 9.95
Natural Learning Concepts
Social Stories that build confidence and demonstrate appropriate behavior

This book is one of a set of practical social stories that demonstrate appropriate behavior and build self esteem. The stories teach social skills and prepare children for every day situations and events. Children learn how to deal with events and social situations beforehand. There have been wonderful results with these stories which provide children with coping strategies in their every day lives. Comprehension questions are included at the end of each story to ensure further reinforcement and understanding of appropriate behaviors. This book teaches children how to interrupt politely and to always remember to say please and thank you. Why do I need this? Social stories have a track record of success. This book is perfect for children who:
• Are learning to interrupt politely when they want something
• Are learning to wait their turn before speaking
• Are learning good manners.
• Are learning when to say Please and Thank you
• Need help in social situationsComprehension questions at the end of each story to ensure that "CHILDREN GET IT!"What's in this social story book? Two great stories:1. Saying "Excuse me"2. Please & Thank youChildren respond excellently to these delightful illustrated social stories. Visually demonstrates appropriate behavior in real life situations. Teaches children to effectively deal with social situations. Every page has a color illustration.These books are perfect if you are teaching a child with autism, PDD-NOS, speech and language delays or Asperger's. Social stories set clear expectations of possible events and teach children correct and appropriate responses.20 pages. 2007

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