Responsibility Check List (Home)

Responsibility Check List (Home)
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Why do I need these?Responsibility check lists teach a child independence and accountability and allow children to follow a visual schedule independently. As a child performs each each task they will be able to self check they have completed all the steps. The ring opens, allowing you to remove or rearrange the order of the cards. We all follow daily routines. Students are empowered and their confidence level rises when they control their own schedule. This visual check list also eases anxiety and frustration as children know exactly what is coming next as well as how many steps there are to completion.What's in this pack?This set contains high quality photo cards of self help skills and every day tasks. Activities are separated into two categories, Before School and After School. Examples of before school include, I wake up, I go to the toilet, I brush my teeth etc. After school include activities such as "I do my homework, I eat dinner, I take a bath" etc. The cards are a visual representation of a child's day. The ring can easily be clipped to a key ring, attached to a belt or fit in a pocket book.Who benefits from this pack?These cards are perfect if you are teaching a child with autism, PDD-NOS, speech and language delays or Asperger's. If you are trying to increase independence, accountability and self help skills, this is a really good set to purchase. I just received the responsibility check lists which are great and I can't wait to share them with my colleagues. These Responsibility Check Lists are put together so well. They're perfect to increase independence.--Julia, PAThis item is the "Home" Laminated Ring Set (cards are 3"x3.5")

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