Book Review: Gifts

Book Review: Gifts

Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives is a collection of stories edited by Kathryn Lynard Soper that portrays the lives of mothers caring for their children with Down syndrome. 

Valerie Morris, follower of and a mother of a child with Down syndrome, says of Gifts, “It was what got me through the guilt and depression. It taught me that what I was feeling was typical and eased my guilt over feeling the way I did.”

Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome is often not something that parents will choose willingly, and the feelings of isolation and not wanting a “broken” child often leads to guilt.  However, many parents also come across unexpected rewards along the way, such as strength, delight, perspective, and love, all from parenting their child with Down syndrome.

Through sixty-three personal stories, mothers describe these feelings and the issues they struggled with, such as deciding whether or not to terminate the pregnancy, feeling calm or traumatized after hearing the diagnosis, or reflecting on the years of raising a child with Down syndrome. 

These stories are meant to inspire or help mothers who have just received their child’s diagnosis pull through the emotions they feel and offer a knowledgeable perspective.  Gifts is strongly recommended by many parents of children with Down syndrome or other special needs, and it is the recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award.  Soper has also published a sequel, Gifts 2, which furthers the themes of acceptance, friendship, awareness, and joy.

These books are exceptionally honest and help provide that support system and feelings that you’re not alone for many parents and families who need it. 

Gifts and Gifts 2 are available in bookstores and online retailers.

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