Book Review: Starabella, Welcome to a Bright New World

Book Review: Starabella, Welcome to a Bright New World

Now that we’ve seen Starabella at home (Mystery Girl of Music) and in the community (New Adventures and Mixed Emotions), it’s time to travel with her to school in book three of the Starabella series, Welcome to a Bright New World.

Starabella is a courageous girl with learning differences whose eyes shine like the stars when she is happy.  In book three, we join Starabella on her first day of Kindergarten, where she encounters other children of different cultures and with various attitudes, abilities, challenges, and dreams.

The book follows Starabella through the different social challenges amongst peer groups, such as girls arguing about their dolls and children being bullied.  Through her gift of music, Starabella turns her class into a group of rock stars, “where all children play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.”

The book highlights themes of bullying, which helps spread awareness that children really crave a peaceful school environment.  The book strives to put an end to bullying by encouraging children to make friendly choices.

As with the other books in the series, Welcome to a Bright New World features a captivating audio CD with music written by Dana and Tara Fialco, daughters of author Sharon Fialco.  Tara, who deals with autism, wrote much of the music as a young girl, and she was able to express her thoughts and emotions through music, much like Starabella.  Music is something that brought Tara and Dana together, and Dana sings and narrates the Starabella books with Tara’s music.

Superb illustrations and lively music drive the narration and story, which makes the Starabella experience both auditory and visual to reach many children of all learning styles and abilities.  The accompanying soundtrack CD can be used away from the book, and children will grow to love and cherish the tunes.  Each book also includes lyrics in the back, so children can learn and sing along with the songs.

Read more about the Fialcos and find Starabella online.

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