Product of the Week: Baby Signing Time

Product of the Week: Baby Signing Time

Your baby can communicate with you before he can talk; babies often point, wave, or blow kisses well before they say their first words.  It’s the way young children communicate, so why not help them use gestures to explain their needs and wants?  Baby Signing Time is a leading resource for teaching sign language to babies.

For children with special needs, sign language can be an effective way to teach communication strategies.  As a great method of early intervention, you can teach communication from a very early age; Baby Signing Time also encourages fine and gross motor movement as well as an introduction to music and play. 

According to Baby Signing Time, research suggests that babies who use sign language from an early age speak sooner and score higher in communication when tested after second grade.  Baby Signing Time is not necessarily just for individuals who are hearing impaired because the method does involve speaking the word out loud as well as signing.  A common misconception is that teaching sign language will hinder a child’s language development; however, the opposite is actually true. 

Parents don’t have to become experts at sign language, and many children will modify the movements based on what they are capable of doing.  Using a few high frequency words like “milk,” “more,” and “thank you” can help tremendously.  Baby Signing Time is based on American Sign Language, or ASL, so the same signs translate even when your baby grows. 

Baby Signing Time also gives you and your child an opportunity to bond.  Through the fun videos and tunes, you can learn the signs together and practice them throughout the day.  Baby Signing Time recommends using the program from 3 to 36 months, so you can start your child very young and carry through the program for several months. 

The music in Baby Signing Time is carefully crafted, and it introduces your child to new rhythms, melodies, and tones.  The tunes include everything from upbeat dance to swaying lullabies to groovy beats to singalongs. 

Baby Signing Time products include DVDs, books, audio CDs, flashcards, and other merchandise.  You can also select bundles to help get you started or focus on a particular theme.

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