Special Needs App of the Day: Catch the Monkey

Special Needs App of the Day: Catch the Monkey

Cute and addictive are two characteristics that make a good app; add some strategy, visual coordination, and fine motor skills, and you have a quality app for the special needs community and beyond.

In Catch the Monkey, some very adorable little monkeys have grown curious about the plants on a farm -- and you have to help the farmer scoot those monkeys out of the vegetable patch before they destroy the crop.  A slightly odd premise, sure, but it’s engaging. 

As you play, you might find new challenges such as monkeys wearing hats, boots, and vests, and you must find out how to deal with those monkeys.  As you continue the game, you unlock more tools to add to your belt.  Tickle them with a feather, throw them a banana, and much more to distract them from the farmer’s plants.  In between each Catch the Monkey game is lively animation that gives you more of the story between the monkeys and the farmer.

After each game, you will also receive a rank, and the game adapts based on your ability and level of play.  You can also choose between “Normal” and “Hard” modes; perhaps not the best word choices for easy and difficult, but you have the option of choosing a more casual game or a more challenging one.  Even the “Normal” game is a bit tricky, and there are many things to distract you, such as the monkeys entering the patch and stars floating across the screen that you must catch.  Catch the Monkey is great for setting priorities, dividing attention, and looking at the big picture, all while you practice visual intelligence and improve fine motor coordination.

Find Catch the Monkey, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android for $0.99.

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