Special Needs App of the Day: Simplex Spelling

Special Needs App of the Day:  Simplex Spelling

Simplex Spelling is a top educational app for learning reading, spelling, and phonics, and after just the introductory lesson, it’s easy to see why.

A very pleasant voice narrates the user through the Simplex Spelling app, and it is a high quality and very real, conversational voice.  The app teaches over 450 highly used words and provides 42 instructional lessons in phonics and spelling rules.  The voice narrates how to use the app as you go through an introductory lesson, which gives you a more interactive and hands-on learning experience right from the start.

Simplex Spelling points out that spelling is an auditory skill in which words are sounded out from left to right, and children can use the auditory cues and the hint button to help their brains develop and learn how to sound out words.  When a user understands the components of words rather than just the word as a whole, he is better able to piece letters and sounds together, which enables him to read more easily and efficiently.

The app has a simple design and an uncluttered interface.  The voice asks the user to spell a word, and you can either drag letters into the appropriate boxes at the top or tap on a letter on the keypad.  The boxes at the top show a green background when the correct letter is in the proper space.  A red background indicates a letter is not in the word, and a blue background shows the user that the letter is in the word but is in the wrong space.  When you spell a word correctly, a star and success word pop up on the screen, and when you tap the word you hear it spoken aloud.

The graph icon shows your progress, and you can view how many times you attempted a word.  The teacher icon also gives the user an introductory lesson to the letters and sounds that will be covered in the lesson.  The voice encourages other learning objectives through each level, such as using the words in a sentence.

Simplex Spelling by Pyxwise is one of the most intensive and effective spelling applications available.  The instruction is direct and easy to understand, and many children can use the app independent of their caregivers or educators.  The app provides a multi-sensory approach to reinforce learning and help children understand both the basics of language and the contextual meanings and practical applications of words. 

Simplex Spelling is also featured on www.TeachersWithApps.com as a TWA Pick.

Simplex Spelling is available for iPhone and iPad and costs $4.99 -- a tremendous deal for all this app has to offer.  Simplex Spelling is a member of Moms With Apps, an organization dedicated to presenting you with the best educational and family-friendly mobile applications.

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