School-Based Martial Arts Programs Revisited

School-Based Martial Arts Programs Revisited

School Based Programs Revisited

My last article spoke briefly about afterschool enrichment programs as well as curriculum based programs during the school day. I’d like to discuss more about afterschool enrichment programs this month and next month cover curriculum based programs that are included in a child’s IEP.

Enrichment programs are a great way to introduce your child to the martial arts while become more social with other children. Look for the following if you are considering such a program for your child:

  • Sign up for programs that spell out the instructor and their affiliated studio. If the instructor is not affiliated with a local studio then my suggestion is to stay away because this could be a problem down the road.
  • Ask if the instructor has a special needs background
  • Ask if the instructor has a class for your child if they choose to continue later
  • What is the make-up of the group? Is it an inclusion class?
  • How many are in the class and are there assistants?
  • Will the instructor be the same throughout the entire block of sessions?
  • Ask if the instructor is “qualified” to teach by the State. The County and FBI run a thorough background search which is mandatory for anyone in contact with children in the school systems, even bus drivers. Instructors that go through this process value their program enough to become qualified.
  • Be sure it’s right for your child by requesting to try a class out before committing.

If your child remains after school for any reason they should be involved in a structured, safe, educational activity. Martial Arts also provide a fun place for your child to be included in a non competitive activity. A true martial art is not a sport, so the competition is within oneself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. See you next month about curriculum based karate in your school!

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