School-Based Programs

School-Based Programs

Today I’d like to bring your attention to martial arts programs that may be available to your child during their day before they even get home!

For many years schools have offered enrichment programs for children after school. Many of these programs provide extra-curricular activities for a small fee and in many cases for free. The nice thing about these programs is the child never leaves the school and continues in a familiar environment. In addition, parents having difficulty picking up their child after school now have an educational and inexpensive alternative to childcare.

Contact your school and ask if there is a martial arts program available after school for your child because this is a great way to introduce the arts to your child in a familiar environment. Where better to have a class than with your child’s friends and classmates in a building where they feel at ease.

There is another option for many parents, though, and that’s a program built right into your school’s curriculum and included in your child’s IEP. Does your school offer a martial arts program during the school day, maybe once per week?

Martial arts programs are extremely beneficial during a child’s school day because it lessens transitioning issues because there is no change in routine. These programs are normally done the entire school year and are included in their individualized education program (IEP).

The benefits of a school-based program far exceeds those of enrichment programs, and in many cases training in a formal studio too! Many children need time to adjust to change, and by remaining in the same environment, the self-regulation and adapting time is faster.

Here are some positive benefits of school-based programs:

  • No need to leave school and run to another activity
  • Child’s progress is monitored by school therapists
  • Child’s progress and continued growth is discussed between school staff, therapists, and the instructor
  • Inclusion in IEP
  • Children focus better on work and remain on task
  • Less behavior issues
  • Class participants are always the same and familiar
  • Better self control
  • Free and paid for by the school and district

Ask your school today if they offer such a program, and if they don’t, explain the many benefits such a program can bring to the entire school. There are so many areas we can cover on this one subject so if you would like more information related to this area feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Please follow my monthly submissions as many of your questions will surely be answered!

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