Natural Remedies for ADD

Natural Remedies for ADD

Improving ADD in a Different Approach with Natural Remedies for ADD

The most common approach doctors take towards treating children with ADD is to give the parents a prescription for their child. Medications, such as Ritalin, come with risks and side affects. As a parent of a child with ADD, it is your choice whether or not you give your child the prescribed medication.

If you are uncomfortable with giving your child medications for their ADD, you can approach your child’s treatment in a more holistic and natural approach. Some studies have shown that children with ADD that are treated with natural remedies are better off in the long run.

Here are a few natural remedies for ADD that will affect your child for the better.

Change Your Cleaners

Many parents do not consider the affect their cleaning supplies have on their children. Switching to a more natural method of cleaning can improve the whole family’s behavior and concentration. Commercial cleaners are full of harmful chemicals; while they kill the germs, the toxins left behind can be doing more harm than good.

Instead, switch to more natural cleaners that rely on simple and natural ingredients. You can also make your own ingredients with the use of vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. Greener cleaning products are also available through companies like Melaleuca and Seventh Generation.

Commercial cleaners and laundry detergents also have fake scents to make them smell better to the consumer. These scents are usually overpowering and can affect your child’s moods and concentration. The best way to fix this problem is by using scent-free laundry detergent. Do not use room spray, especially in the bathroom. Scented candles and soaps may also be a source of problems, so use plain or castile soap and natural, unscented soy or beeswax candles.

Vitamins as Natural Remedies for ADD

While changing your child’s overall diet to one of whole foods is the best approach, adding essential vitamins to their diet is also ideal. Give your child Zinc and Fish Oil supplements daily. These types of pills can be found for children; just make sure they do not have any added sugars or food dyes. Adding these two supplements to your child’s daily diet can help them concentrate.

Natural Sleeping Aids

Many children with ADD also have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. Instead of using a prescribed sleep medication, try one of two natural supplements, melatonin or St. John’s Wort. Remember that these two supplements will not treat ADD, but assist with the sleeping problems associated with ADD. Sleepytime Teas may also help aid children in falling asleep. If using warm tea for a sleeping aid, allow your child to drink it right after dinner to avoid sending him to bed with a full bladder.

Lavender extract oil is also extremely beneficial in helping your child fall asleep. Lavender can also help your child maintain a calmer composure. Look for pure lavender extract at a health store or craft store. Add a drop or two in a warm bath or in a humidifier. Avoid commercial lavender products, which are full of many chemicals.

There are several natural remedies for ADD children. Talk with like-minded parents to get more ideas and to learn what works. Talk with your child’s doctor or therapist for more information on vitamins and supplements. Keep a journal of the natural changes and your child’s behaviors. This log will make it easy to see if any of the changes have worked.

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