ADD/HD: Can’t Fix, Not Broken

ADD/HD: Can’t Fix, Not Broken

When we stop seeing ADD/HD individuals as broken, we can stop trying to fix them, especially quick fix them. When we can embrace working with their own natural rhythms, harmonies, and their uniqueness, then we can truly take advantage of a plethora of all natural solutions. These solutions are needed because basic incompatibilities between lifestyle choices and the ADD/HD individual being successful. Solutions such as diets, environments, teaching systems, parenting and guidance systems, which if not eliminate the need for medications, drastically reduce them. Our goal is a success that is measured by being fully who they are, accessing their whole potential, therefore being successful both in their own eyes and the eyes of the world, not a success that is measured by them being who others want them to be. They do not have to lose part of who they are to achieve worldly success and acceptance.

Such components of a successful protocol MAY include:

  • Lighter, less processed foods, which are richer in nutrients
  • Eating smaller meals more often
  • Environments, which include full spectrum lightening, therapeutic magnets, less chemicals in the air, water and diet
  • Proper use of herbs, supplements, and aromatherapies
  • Working with programs such as brain gym, bio-feedback, but not as a cure but as part of an overall program.
  • Create learning programs based on complete and accurate assessments of their learning and processing styles
  • Having them taught in flexible, challenging, dialogue based classrooms, filled with interactive activities
  • Engage them in critical thinking based participatory learning, both in school and at home which empower and engage them

Let’s engage them and avoid the “let’s drug them” trap.

Are these easy, quick fixes? No, just ones that can help your child become their greatest self, as well as hold on to their self-worth and self esteem, in the process. They will stop feeling broken when we stop trying to fix them.

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