Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Tell green to stand aside for a month — April belongs to Autism Awareness.

In March of 2012, the CDC announced that the number of cases of autism in the United States rose to 1 in 88. Autism is five times more likely to affect boys than girls, and children are being diagnosed as early as 3 years of age.

While autism has been a “buzz” word for the past few years, efforts for autism awareness have helped families of children with autism receive the proper care and services.

How Can You Light it Up Blue?

In support of Autism Speaks’ “Light it Up Blue” campaign, people across the globe are wearing blue T-shirts, or painting their nails and dyeing their hair. Families are changing their outside light bulbs to blue ones. Iconic landmarks around the world are lighting up their locations with blue lights.

Check to see if your local school or work is holding a “wear blue to work or school” day. If your organization doesn’t have one, start one.

Autism Speaks is also hosting “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” events across the United States. Check their website for details about walks in your area.

Love parties? Include blue-colored beverages and snacks at your event. Restaurant owners — light up your scene with blue lights or serve blue food and drink.

Whether or not you know someone with autism, show your support this month. Visit Light It Up Blue for more ideas to support autism awareness.

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