Acacia Academy: Nurturing Young minds for Over 35 Years

Acacia Academy: Nurturing Young minds for Over 35 Years

“Nurturing Minds, Enriching Lives and Building Self Esteem in Chicagoland for over 35 years”

Acacia Academy is an NCA accredited school in LaGrange Highlands, Illinois, that offers customized programs for a variety of students, such as gifted children, children with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Intellectually Challenged, and any student who could benefit from their customized programs. They are open to students from grades K-12,

Each student’s learning style is taken into account, and an individualized program is set up to help them excel in school, as well as prepare them for the future.

Acacia Academy’s Certified Wildlife Habitat is a 2 ½ acre nature center which offers curriculum-based field trips that allow students to have hands-on educational experiences.

Acacia Academy also offers Transitional Programs that teach students the necessary skills to help them succeed after high school. The program helps explore college options, employment options, as well as services offered to students/graduates over 22 years of age.

Visit the for more information about the school and the programs they offer.

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