Aren’t We All Special? Don’t We All Have Needs?

Aren’t We All Special? Don’t We All Have Needs?

As an adult looking back I realize I have always had special needs people in my life. More so I have often felt special needs myself from time to time. This is now what my life revolves around. Special needs is in my life through my family, my work, and if we are honest it is in everyone’s everyday. But for me the Special needs people in my life are just what makes my life special.

There is a uniqueness and quality that I find I miss when I am around “normal” people. And what is normal anyway? Normal is what everyone wants, expects, understands, and deal with. How BORING! I see the so called “normal” people and I realize that they are not perfect. They have issues, but they are just better at hiding them or covering them up.

No one is perfect and why should we be? That is not why we were created. We were created to be there for one another in times of need. This could be an everyday issue like I burnt my finger or tripped over my own two feet. Sometimes they are more than that though, sometimes they are more powerful or special.

So do you see? We are all SPECIAL NEEDS whether we realize it or not. We all need someone to connect to and be in our lives. That alone is Special.

I am Gidget Leonard, a wife , a mother of two, a equine specialist and a waitress. All of these titles I love and am proud to be. Let us re-learn as a society that we are OK being who we were made to be. Normal is not a real thing, and being ourselves is the most special thing we can be.

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