Costa Rica Takes the Win For Women’s Basketball

Costa Rica Takes the Win For Women’s Basketball

Photo Credit: Freddie B. Photography™

The USC Campus, home of the Trojans basketball teams, is on a break, and it’s a good thing because they have some pretty fierce competition on their courts. arrived just in the nick of time to see a game between Team India and Costa Rica. These amazing young women put their hard work and dedication in search of victory, which in this case went to team Costa Rica! Freddie B. Photography captured the girls while they were in action, and I was able to have access to a wonderful interpreter so we could get an interview. Read about two stars of Team Costa Rica who were all too happy to share with us their goals, appreciation, and true love for the Special Olympics.

Sophia Benjarano and Ericka Salazar of Costa Rica were the star players of the nigh. The competition was fierce, according to the coach. She was so proud of how her team came together and supported Sophia and Ericka so they could get the job done right! It worked, and when their friends and family in the stands cheered the win you could here the roars of approval from across the campus! Asking my signature question, “Who are your heroes?” It was clear that for both girls, it was their families. It was a long road to be able to come here and participate in Special Olympics, and if not for the families helping them out, their dream would never have become a reality. They wanted to have a win to show everyone back home that they would make them proud!

Sophia told that being able visit USA and represent Costa Rica was such a huge honor. By being a part of the Special Olympics they’re able to play basketball on more professional bases and open doors to participate in other sports that they love. Now that the day was over the girls were excited to get some down time and enjoy all the activities that USC and the other sport venues are offering. Ericka said she lives near the ocean so she’d like to go up north and enjoy our mountains. Sophia is the total opposite, living so high up in the mountains, she wants to visit our beaches. The two did their families proud and want them to know just how much they love and appreciate them to get to be part of something so rewarding.

Sophia Benjarano and Ericka Salazar interviewing with

Enjoy visiting the to learn more about the wonderful athletes that make this year’s games better then ever. Special Olympics is a way for our athletes to perform the best they can while having an opportunity to make friends from all over the world. It is clear to this reporter that Sophia and Ericka are taking the advice that Debi Anderson, Global Messenger for LA2015 asked of them all: “Make new friends and have a really good time doing it!”

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