Environmental Toxins And Breast Milk: What You Need To Know

Environmental Toxins And Breast Milk: What You Need To Know

Many families who live a holistic lifestyle know breastfeeding is the healthiest way to give their growing infants the nutrients they need. Countless studies show that breast milk — the most organic source for a baby’s nourishment — is the best possible way to ensure health, wellness and bonding.

However, when you nurse a new baby, you pass along small amounts of organic compounds that you are exposed to each day — including environmental toxins. From perfume and deodorant, to commercial household cleaners and car exhaust, all women are vulnerable to breast milk contamination. If you plan to have a child, or if you are currently breastfeeding, now is the perfect time to consider an organic detox for the overall health of you and your child.

Scientific American highlighted a nonprofit that is working toward eliminating toxic chemicals that make their way into breast milk. Make Our Milk Safe (MOMS) not only educates pregnant and nursing women about the effects of toxins in children, it also promotes alternatives to cleaning supplies, bottles and other baby products that may contain harmful substances.

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A study published in Japan has shown that taking a high quality algae supplement called Chlorella pyrenoidosa can help mothers protect nursing infants from contaminants in breast milk. Pregnant women who took a daily supplement of chlorella had significantly less dioxin (a very toxic environmental pollutant) in their breast milk as compared to the control group of pregnant women who did not take the supplement. This means less dioxin will be transferred from mother to child. Furthermore, those taking chlorella had significantly higher levels of IgA in their breast milk, which plays a critical role in mucosal immunity.

Despite the fact that mothers can spread toxins from breast milk to baby, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends nursing as the best possible choice for your growing bundle of joy. To keep a healthy home free of environmental toxins, take steps early. It is important to protect both mother and child by binding toxins and moving them down and out of the body. The Detox Trio from BIORAY® can help you work toward this objective. Having a healthy, happy child is the goal of any mother, and taking the right preventative measure starts with you.

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