Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: Placement for Language Based Learning Disabled (LBLD) Student

Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: Placement for Language Based Learning Disabled (LBLD) Student

A Parent’s Question…Briefly, is it reasonable for a public school to group a student with LBLD’s in a separate class with other students with primarily emotional and behavioral disabilities?

My 6th grade son is being brought to a self-contained classroom for math services as his LD’s are so significant that he is not able to manage the regular 6th grade inclusion math class. He has no behavioral/emotional difficulties and is of average intelligence. We were not prepared for this placement. He was so upset about the class and refused to go back after the first day. Since then, after the teacher agreed that it wasn’t an appropriate class for him, he was placed in the inclusion class, which is not working. I am not being offered any other alternatives. I do have an advocate (on vacation right now). It would help me to relax if I had an idea of what direction this may go in…or at least legally what direction it should go in. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

language based learning disability

This is an unusual placement for your son. Typically a LBLD student would be placed with other LBLD students or with (CH) Communicative Handicapped (Speech & Language Difficulties, not behavioral difficulties) students. What type of program is the inclusion class offering? Have you talked with your county Office of Education? They may be able to let you know what other options you have available. You may also look for a private school placement that would be appropriate if the public system doesn’t have one. If the public school does not have an appropriate placement, they would need to fund the private one that is appropriate. Remember, each child is entitled to FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education). You may want to call for another IEP meeting to discuss this placement after doing a bit more research.

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